Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

A nice day and what to do with an old laptop harddrive.

Where are we today ?
Galvin Bay Resort Lakefield Ontario
        A great nights sleep and an awesome morning, gonna be a great day, (I think). Overcast a bit here and there, and some drizzling but not too cold, so we can handle that.
this is where we are
        New owners a couple years ago and have been making big changes here. One of the many is cutting and trimming trees. The tree stumps have been carved into lotsa bears! Check them out below.
          Well mid morning I made a trip into town (Buckhorn) to pick up a few supplies. Love this area of cottage country, especially when it is pretty quiet around here.
         Now back home I have a computer project. Suzie has and old laptop that the display is going on but the rest is good. So what to do with it?? Well after getting some advice from Rick, of Rick and Paulettes Adventures. I went to Staples and picked up a case for the hard drive in the laptop.
this be the case $20.00
         Such an easy process, just remove the hard drive from the laptop, install in the case, follow the directions. Reformat the old hard drive and there ya go. We now have and external harddrive to use for files, back up, whatever, 250 GB.
remove from laptop and 
install in the case
now an extra external harddrive
too cool
        The nice thing about this is we can now dispose of our old laptop and not have to worry about what data was on that hard drive.
        Now another walkabout the resort check out the pool, pretty quiet here just a bit to chilly for swimming.
         But 4 o'clock we can have "Happy Hour" , jackets, and long pants all is good. Tonight at Norm and Pat's place and our mutual friend Monique dropped by to chat with us as well.
a Happy Hour it was, catching up
Suzie even got her "doggie fix" too
        Then 4:30 I fired up our Weber to preheat with mesquite wood chips, and put on a couple taters to bake. Then some carrots and onions in foil, chicken legs and thighs and heat up a fresh cheese bun from the bakery in town.
smells awesome
perfect chicken dinner on the Q
        A great almost perfect day, enjoying this area as always.
        Thanks for stopping in and just hanging out with us today.

Posted by George, a.k.a. "The Weber "Q" Man of Blogland" according to Rick Doyle.
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  1. My husband, Paul, did tons of chain saw carvings when we had our fist house. He was very good. The parks are so cute. Well done.

    Great idea using the old hard drive as a backup.

    1. The carvings are a great to make use of the tree stumps.

  2. Nice job on removing and utilizing your old laptop's HD as a backup, George.

    Great looking chicken dinner too.

  3. Tell ya what. We also like our Coleman Road Trip grill. It also does an excellent job.

    1. They look nice but too big for the space I carry it in.

  4. Great idea with the hard drive...I like it!

  5. You will want to destroy the old hard drive... crush with a hammer, drill holes in it or use strong magnets to remove data/ You see just because you delete files doesn't mean they are gone as someone with just a little bit of knowledge can get loads of data off your old hard drive...

    1. Don't need to destroy it yet, we are still using it for an extra backup.
      We have access to a program that can retrieve deleted files ourselves.

  6. In the past we've done that with several hard drives. We can always use a spare for all those pictures we take.

  7. Wow, the dinner you cooked looks yummy! :-)

  8. Good job with the recycling of the hard drive. Your park has really upped the amount of carvings in the past year.

    1. Yep they did do more carvings.
      the old hard drive is good to go, did the same with my Mac too.


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