Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Monday, June 03, 2013

Cool, sunny Monday and a birthday party.

Where are we today ? 
        Was a cold night last night good for sleeping but only about 40f (4c) this morning. But as the sun came up things warmed up to to a not too bad 62f (16c). After coffees, computing and walkabouts this morning I ran some errands into Forest for a few things, then back home for lunch. 
        Then prepped for a large caesar salad to share for supper tonight. And were able to enjoy our books for a while in a nice sunny spot out of the wind, beside the cabin next to us.
         Now about 4 o'clock head over to Vanessa and Greg's for a Happy Hour in preparation for a surprise birthday party for our friend Mike. (he cut our grass last night) This young puppy just turning 50 today.
Suzie getting her dog fix with Willow
           Mike and Trish came over and a few other people here too, I offered him the proper beverage for his 50th birthday.
everybody hanging out
I think a 50 for his 50th birthday will work
Trish and Mike
Greg is BBQ ing steaks, chicken and chops
        A great selection of food added to our own meat that Greg cooked. Caesar salad, baked potatoes, mushrooms and onions, coleslaw, pasta salad, pork and beans and birthday cake to celebrate.
lotsa food here
great meal
Happy birthday Mike 
Then over to their place for a campfire
Maggie has her own tent
Jordan roasting marshmallows for those with a need
even got a picture of the two of us having fun
         The nice thing about campgrounds is any excuse for a party is good enough, so Mikes birthday is as good as any. Everyone brought a potluck dish and their own meat and drinks and had a great time.
        Now as the evening cooled down we headed back home to call it a night. Warmer weather on the days to come.
         Thanks for coming by and enjoying the party with us.
 Posted by George, a.k.a. "The Weber "Q" Man of Blogland" according to Rick Doyle.
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  1. Thank you for being part of Mike's big day.

    1. Thanks for inviting us.
      Not everyday a friend turns half a century old !
      We had and awesome time.

  2. Potlucks and birthday parties just go together! Bet that campfire felt nice!

  3. Great looking birthday part. That BBQ sure looks huge after using the Weber Baby Q.

    1. It is huge, but cooking very large steaks and stuff for 11 people need to be, but not very easy to transport in your RV.

  4. What a great party! You for sure found the right beverage for Mike's birthday. Saw Larry's post about Shaw, pulling 95% signal here in Southern Calif as of this morning.

    1. Was an awesome party. I would check into shaw a bit more thou.

  5. Looks like a fun filled day. There are many of them in the lives of our RV family.


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