Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Camp Pettigrew overnight, and want something to do this Saturday?

Where are we today ? 

Need something to do this Long Weekend?

 Come to a Canada Day Celebration, Sat. June. 29th anytime after 2 pm. for a Pig Roast. There will be  lotsa food, a live band, swimming, bouncy castle, door prizes, and a fantastic fireworks display!
Cost is $10.00 per adult $5.00 for kids.
And don't forget to taste John's Famous Slushies. 
There is lotsa room for Rv's and tents if you would like to stay over.
BYOB and lawn chairs.

Where is it you say?? 
131 River Road Plattsville Ontario.
or email me HERE for directions

Wanna check out last Years Party click here.

        Now to today. First was to move our coach around the corner to Pettigrew's Garage for the lube oil and filter, in place by 8 am. And to get out front brakes done on the coach. Dale had checked them last fall and said it was soon time, so this summer is a good time. We are in town for a week and the weather is decent, thou a little drizzly today but nice and comfortably hot 81f but with the humdity feels like 95f so the weather guesser says, but we have a nice breeze. Me i'm loving this weather.
        He works on the coach outside and has done all the work on our coach for the l;ast 8 years, is a very good mechanic and reasonable to boot.
all set up wheels off and coach on stands
         The brake pads are just about done, as are the callipers and rotors, looks like the whole ball of wax. All the parts in today except the rotors, should be in the morning.
new brake pad on left
rotors are right on the limit, getting pretty thin so time for new ones
Dale getting things cleaned up
        So at least for tonight we are at Camp Pettigrew, nice and comfy where we want to be.  Coach all blocked up and on jack stands. While Dale worked on the coach this morning I puttered around with a few minor adjustments and Suzie picked up our mail and had a short visit with her mom and dad. Back to Camp Pettigrew for lunch and while she had a nap I ran a few errands.
        Then  over to John and Lea's to help with a bit of yard work etc.. for the party this Saturday, gonna be another fun day.
         Time for a bite to eat (no cookin tonight) enjoyed some leftover chicken, potato salad and coleslaw for supper. Before heading out to watch two of our grandsons play soccer on a perfect warm evening. Wow are they ever doing good this year, it is so amazing to watch them grow and improve.
soccer fun
        Enjoyed the evening with the kids then home to relax and get rested up for another busy day tomorrow.
        Thanks for taking a peak today and if you are in the are this saturday stop on by
 Posted by George, a.k.a. "The Weber "Q" Man of Blogland" according to Rick Doyle.
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  1. A nice thing about M H living is that others do most of the repairs! Wooo Hooo

    1. Yep Dale does the big stuff I do all the other stuff.

  2. How do you find time to blog? You're a very busy person.

    1. Lots of hours in the day only sleep 6-7 hours a night and don't usually watch more than about 20 minutes of tv a day.

    2. Sounds like a fun party, but way to far for the weekend:)

  3. Isn't it a relief to have a great mechanic that you can trust do your work? Sure sounds like a great celebration...have fun!

    1. A good mechanic and a good party, is excellent in my books.

  4. Ah yes, your annual JUly LWE bash.....please enjoy for me. I may still be in hospital.

    1. We are here and we can do it so why not!
      Good luck in the hospital and a speedy recovery.

  5. I'll be spirit :)
    Box Canyon Mark

  6. Thanks for the invite. Looks like y'all have a wonderful time last year. Hope for the same this year.

  7. As much as I'd love to come to the party, I just don't think we'd make it to Ontario in time!!

    1. That's too bad , maybe next year if you in the area.


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