Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Funky weather but we havin' fun.

Where are we today ?
        Really weird weather, we are having and I think pretty well almost everywhere. Hot, cold, sunny, cloudy, rainy but hey we having fun. Enjoying the quiet time here and peaceful cottage country before the crowds hit this area soon.
         A nice walkabout the resort then the short drive to the sleepy town of Buckhorn for a few supplies and back home for a bite for lunch.
        Just putter around for a while and another walkabout the park in the nice weather, chat with a few people and back home to enjoy our books for a while.
         Then friends Ron and Tammy cruised by on their bike and stopped for a nice visit until the rains began again. Then time for them to cruise on home, before they got wet.
Ron and Tammy
          Shortly after they left the rains stopped so a visit with Pat and Norm for a bit of a "happy hour" then the rain began once more.
Suzie got her "Dog Fix" with Billy Jean
        Now during happy hour had our Weber Q simmering some pork ribs with sauerkraut wrapped in foil for about an hour, and potato pockets with onion and carrots.
ribs and kraut about done
         Remove the kraut and sear the ribs for a few minutes then I can slather them with lotsa BBQ sauce make em sticky and fall off the bone tasty.
ready for the sauce
         Grill a bit more until lookimg real good then we can serve up the ribs.
yep hit the spot tonight
        That was it for another great day here in cottage country. Funky weather, good friends, good food and good times. Does it get much better? Think not.
         Looks like its gonna rain all night now but do we care? Don't think so, gettin' dark now.
        Thanks for stopping by for a peak, glad to have you here.
Posted by George, a.k.a. "The Weber "Q" Man of Blogland" according to Rick Doyle.
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  1. You know, you are tempting me...

    1. Nan... what we tempting you with???
      Come on over and join us.

  2. As long as you can have fun in any weather, that's what counts.

    1. We enjoy every minute of every day, because we can.

  3. That sounds like our kind of happy hour:)

  4. We are having the same type of weather here in Ohio. Come on summer...let's get with the program.

    I never heard of anyone grilling sauerkraut. Sounds delicious and looks awesome.

    1. We hoping for summer weather soon too.
      I don't think it will let us down.
      Sauerkraut is good lik that too.

  5. Your right, the weather is crazy!

  6. I will gladly share some of the heat we are having in Moab...102 degrees yesterday and to top it off...22 mph winds! Hope it warms up there soon! You sure are blessed to have lots of friends...enjoy!

    Ribs and sauerkraut....yummy!

    1. Ok we will take some of your heat.
      Over 40 years of camping and almost 8 years fulltime we do get to meet a lot of people.

  7. At least we can all have fun despite the weather.


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