Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Hip and leg fixed and back to "Camp John and Lea's"

Where are we today ? 
        Well a good nights sleep 9 at least for me at "Camp Pettigrew". But my hip has been bothering me again for the last couple days Sciatic nerve pinched. Can't have that, so I called up Chiropractor at 8:20 am and got in right away. So by 9:30 after a few adjustments everything is lined up again and no more pain in my hip and leg. I love how these adjustments can fix most of my aches and pains. Bruce has been fixing me up for over 32 years now.
This is the table that does it all
        Stopped for a few groceries and back to our coach in time for lunch. Dale is still waiting for one more part to come and he can get to putting things back together. So over to "Camp John and Lea's" Suzie brushed the dogs for a bit and I installed another gate on the deck stair to keep their grandson safe.
nice security gate
       Now Dale got  us all back together and we on the road back to "Camp John and Lea's" 1/2 mile away and got set back up.
just need the wheels back on
       Quick dip in the pool is refreshing and then to the "Trails Edge Tavern" in town. Youngest daughter Jessie, Jay and the boys want to take me out for a belated Birthday and Father's Day supper. And The Edge is right here in town, "Wing night" I just can't turn that down. Love my chicken wings , extra suicide, a few fries and cold beer works really good for me!
yep had a feast
         After supper back to "Camp John and Lea's" and I can play in the pool with the boys. Wow we had a great time teaching them to swim, jumping off the diving board until it was almost dark and we were all shrivelled up. But good times have to end and they have their last day at school tomorrow so goodnight to them lets call it a day..

        Sure was a fun day here hope yours was good too, Thanks for stopping by.
 Posted by George, a.k.a. "The Weber "Q" Man of Blogland" according to Rick Doyle.
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  1. WOW! That was sure a quick appointment. I wish all places could get us in that fast. Now I hope the fix lasts for a mighty long time.

    1. Sometimes it lasts, sometimes not depends on my back. I have seen chiropractors in many states during the winters and can usually get in for an adjustment same day.

  2. What a wonderful way to make so many memories with the kids. Isn't it so much fun to be able to share in an activity the kids enjoy. Glad you two are getting a ton of time with the family.

    1. It is so nice to spend some time with them doing fun things.

  3. Haven't had to visit my chiropractor is a few years. Well, ever since I quit that J.O.B. Funny about that.
    A couple years before we gave up our motor home, I had new rotors and pads installed. The curious thing was, on the Ford F-53 chassis, the rotors were the same both front and back. Didn't get them from Ford though, I think their rotors had gold dust on them or something. Went with an aftermarket brand (the name of which was familiar to me at the time, but I forget) at about 60% of the price. Your local shop there probably had the best deal on the parts I would think?

    1. I thinks oso they trea us pretty fair even labour was reasonable too still about $1400. altogether.


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