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Our Awesome Travels
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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father's day, remembering Dad and having fun.

Where are we today ?

        Happy Father's day to all you Father's out there and remembering our Father who passed away many years ago Dec. 20th 1997 we have so many good memories of fun times with him.
Middle pic of Me, Dad and my sister Louise
        Now for today my oldest daughter Kim and son Ken have called and decided just the two of them would make the two hour drive to come vist me for Father's Day! It was supposed to be  thunderstorms all day so they left the three grandchildren home with son-in-law Brian.  And take me and Suzie out for lunch at my choice of places. Youngest daughter Jesse was over three hours away and could not make it. Well guess what, the weather guesser was wrong! Poured rain all morning until they got here about 1pm then the skies cleared and had a beautiful sunny afternoon.
        Well in Buckhorn there is only three restaurants (and not much else). We have been to the Cody Inn (chinese) and The Olde Ice House (small Irish pub) both very good, but have not been to Mainstreet Landing which has a perfect view of the Trent waterway and boats coming into the liftlock. So Mainstreet Landing it is. Of course a cold pitcher of brew and appetizer of pickerel bites, very tasty. The three of us decided a feast of chicken wings and fries.  Suzie had the fish and chips. All very good food, decent service and reasonable prices. But ya know the best part was the kids went out of their way to visit the old man, made my day!
Ken and Kim
me and Suzie
tasty wings
fish and chips
nice window seat
        After lunch a short walk by the lift lock and check out a few boats here, not  very busy as supposed to be a rainy day. Ha, fooled them eh?
       Then a quick stop at the bakery to pick up some awesome pecan tarts, back home for a coffee to go with the tarts, then time for the kids to head back home.
and they even brought me a gift,
a "Good Times", camping T-shirt
        Well just want to thank them for dropping by and making my day, so nice to see them when we can. And the shirt and lunch was a bonus. No supper again tonight after a satisfying lunch.
        Thanks for stopping by on Fathers day and hope all you Fathers out there had a good one too!
Posted by George, a.k.a. "The Weber "Q" Man of Blogland" according to Rick Doyle.
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  1. I wrote about my day today on my blog too - I still miss him...

  2. Great pics of Kim and Ken, you and Sue, and Dad too! Sounds like a perfect day!

  3. Your kids are special and good looking also just like their Dad. Love the T shirt. Thanks for sharing your Dad's photo with us. Glad your day was special.

  4. What a wonderful surprise. Glad you had a great Father's day.

  5. Sound like you had an extra special father's day. That t-shirt is soooooo you!

  6. Sounds like you had a super Father's Day. Here's hoping they're all like that for you! Love your shirt!

    1. Awesome it was and the kids know how much I have always enjoyed camping. (rving now).

  7. Nice to see photos of your kids Kim and Ken and also to give you a day off from grilling!! Glad to see you had a great Father's Day yesterday.

    1. Thanks for stopping by, it was great to see them again and the treat for lunch was awesome!


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