Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Moving to Plattsville, visit friends and enjoy their company and pool.

Where are we today ? 
        The morning after the night before party. We are up early while some of these young people partied all night. It is nice to go to bed at a sensible hour,  just tell people I am too old to stay out late and no problem, we feel much better in the morning than they do.
a few stray ballons in the trees this morning
Looks like Maggie had a rough night too!
        So after a few people finally awoke we went in said our goodbyes and hit the back roads for a nice country drive to Plattsville, only 29 kms 18 miles. Gonna stay with friends John, Lea and their son Jamie.
nice drive.
nice quiet farm country
        Arrived here before 11 am and pulled in beside Lea's School bus. But first gonna cut the grass here.
            Jamie got their (new to them) large riding lawn mower for me to try out.
Jamie and his cousin Brandon
Lea sprayed our area with a garlic solution, 
keeps the mosquito
 population down big time, smells like a caesar salad!
All setup up and very hot out
         So into their awesome pool, very refreshing at 83f considering with the humidity it feels like 37c (98f) here.
wonderful !
even Buddy and Molly veg out on the
 cool cement floor in the garage
Jamie modelling his Panama hat
Suzie getting her doggie fix brushing Buddy
        Then before supper (after reading for a bit in the shade) another refreshing dip in the pool and chat with John on their deck. Then head home for a nice light supper, Chicken Quesadillas on our Weber Q and a tossed salad= perfect for a hot summer day, love it!
Chicken Quesadillas on our Q
hit the spot
          After supper was done Suzie's Mom and Dad stopped by for a visit, and I hopped on this fun tractor to get some chores done here. Zero turn and a 61 inch cut sure make the grass cutting go pretty quickly.  The front yard I did tonight, last year about 60 minutes tonight half the time, wow! Gonna have so much spare time here.
now this is fun!
Nice machine
          Hey, still have the John Deere here if you want to stop in Rick.
          Thanks for stopping by today and hope you kept your cool today too.
 by George, a.k.a. "The Weber "Q" Man of Blogland" according to Rick Doyle.
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  1. That is sure the right weather for a pool.

  2. Great spot. Is the garlic solution homemade? I am mosquito's so bad, I can't enjoy sitting outside.

    Enjoy time with friends!

    1. You can make the spray lots of recipes on line, I believe this is store bought.

  3. You certainly know a lot of people around there. And, you know the right people because they either have a place for you to park or you can meet them at the next campground. Lucky you!

    1. Yes we do know and meet a lot of people, just a hazard of being an Rv'er.
      And makes for an interesting lifestyle too.

  4. I always feel so bad for dogs with a lot of fur in this kind of weather.
    Riding that mower does look like fun. It's been many years for me since I had the pleasure. It was a "Minneapolis Moline" as I recall, (which later became White Tractor) and it only had a 36 inch cut, but was a heck of a site easier to manage that the LawnBoys that we used for "trimming". This was back in the 70s before the idea of a weed whacker came along.

    1. Yes this is so much easier is called a Ferris and like you said too much fun!

  5. the photo of Maggie. Too cute!

    What a great new spot you have. Enjoy!

  6. Glad they got you a bigger mower. You make me happy to see you having such a great time.

    1. Bigger mower is more fun too.
      We always have a great time, lofe is too short not to.


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