Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Monday, June 24, 2013

Sunshine, hot day, visit with an OLD friend and family

Where are we today ? 
          A nice warm nice last night, windows open and fantastic fan running got ourselves a wonderful sleep, got down to about 75f overnight. Warm but nice, don't much like air conditioning.
          This morning checked out the pool and looks very inviting so after trip down the road in town chat with a few people, back home for a morning dip, just perfect!
perfect day
          Temps today to 37c (98f) and me loving this hot weather. Suzie brushing the dogs this morning on the cool garage floor.
Buddy here loves it
a whole grocery bag of fur from him in 30 minutes
        Now head into Waterloo to visit with Ma for a while. On the way in saw this truck pulled over a bit to far on the roadside. OOPPS, narrow shoulders and deep ditch.
        Sister Lou and brother in law Paul coming out. Brother Chris and Sherry as well. Get together for Ma's birthday and a special visit from Bill. We had lunch before Bill arrived, just picked up a couple rotisserie chickens and salads from store and we had a wonderful feast and get together.
very filling lunch
           Now lunch all cleaned up and Bill arrived ( he lives in Montreal Quebec). Bill and I go way back. I met him when I was 17 years old. He moved in with our family and became part of it way back when. I moved out and was married at 18 and he was the best man for my first marriage. Kinda like a hundred years ago. Bill still lived with our family for a few years later and has kept in touch over the years. So nice to see him again and attempt to catch up over all the past years.
        Of course the obligatory picture of us here, Bill 3rd from left with Ma and then there is me and Suzie on the right end. Hope we can keep in touch a bit more in the future.
         Then back to our coach we relaxed on the back deck and chatted with John and Lea for a while. Suzie got more doggie fixes.
Molly getting brushed
this is Buddy, Mollies baby (3 years old)
        Then we just puttered around for a while, helpin clean up a bit then head home for supper.
Well after a big lunch we not hungry so tonight finish up the day with the last of our strawberry shortcake for supper.
really hit the spot
        Thats it for today, fun with friends and relatives and just loving this summer time weather!
        Hey thanks for stopping by, was great for us and hope it was good for you too.
 Posted by George, a.k.a. "The Weber "Q" Man of Blogland" according to Rick Doyle.
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  1. Nothing better George, than fun with Family and friends.

  2. Buddy looks just like my Jackson..a cream Golden Retriever. We've had so many compliments about how 'beautiful' he is. Of course we think he's beautiful and an amazing furkid.

    1. Buddy probably part Golden too, you can tell Molly, his mom is not.

  3. How in the world did he get in that bag?

    Happy birthday, Ma!

  4. yep got a bit warm yesterday and we too loved it...

  5. You sound just like us...sometimes when we have had a big lunch, we eat ice cream for supper! How bad is that?

    I so relate to the bags of fur...we have four fur kids to brush!

    Have a terrific Tuesday you two!

  6. Looks like you're able to spend lots of family time during the summer. The activities sure are keeping you buys. It's party after party. Enjoy the summer because I'm sure you'll be just as busy in the winter with all the friends you've met along the way.

    1. Our summers are always busy, usually relax more when we head south.

  7. Buddy looks so peaceful being looked after by Suzie. Oh to be a dog.

  8. Strawberry Shortcake for dinner sounds like a great way to end a perfect day.

  9. Cannot get enough strawberries this year!


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