Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Friday, June 14, 2013

Out for supper visiting with fellow RV'ers who were not in their rv's.

Where are we today ? 
        Wonderful sunshiny day, and getting pretty warm especially in the sun. Puttering around this morning and a few walkabouts. Chat with a few neighbors and walkabouts more.
        Then soon a bite to eat for lunch and relax with our books for a while. Perfect day for reading in the shade, then the sun, then the shade. Darn near wore us out moving back and forth and watching Ron cut the grass, sure is a busy guy.
Ron cutting the grass
        Then shortly after 2:30 headed out to fill our car with cheap (for Canada) gas at Terry's Gas bar $1.12.7 a liter ($4.24 US Gal.)
         We have been invited to John and Barbs for supper. Rob and Pat are there too, we met up with both these couples last winter in Florida, Texas and Arkansas as we rv'd around the southern states.
nice country drive
John and Barb's place
Piper and Hank meet Suzie
Relaxing on their deck catching up
More doggie fix for Suzie
John cooking up the chicken. burgers and taters
buffet is set up
wonderful view off their deck
         Then we chat and chat, cake and ice cream for desert then next thing we know its almost getting dark, wow time flies when you're having fun.
         Thanks guys for the tasty food and great company.
cake and ice cream
        So a short drive home put up our feet and finish posting today's stuff.
        We went out for a great supper with friends and I did not have to cook, felt weird, I almost was lost.
        Hope you had a great day too, thanks for stopping by.      

 Posted by George, a.k.a. "The Weber "Q" Man of Blogland" according to Rick Doyle.
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  1. What a nice way to spend the deserve a day off sometimes!

    1. Not sure what to do with a day off other than hangout read my book, and chat with more people. Soon will be time to wax our coach thou, not quite yet.

  2. Your friends sure have a nice location there.

    Wow, $1.12.7L for gas is a great price, we just bought $20 worth on Tuesday and it was$1.35.9L.


    1. Yes it is a very nice spot, Gonna fill up our coach here when we leave in a week.

  3. A wonderful day spent with friends (and a yummy dinner) is not to be taken lightly! Looks like fun!

  4. We have only been to Galvin Bay once, and really want to get back there this summer. We have been so busy getting ready to trade the Seneca for the Dutch Star next week.

    Our RVQ goes with the Seneca, so we are looking at getting the Weber Q. Do you find the small model to be big enough, or should we go for the larger model. As you are the official Weber Q man of Blogland, we would appreciate your input. Thanks, George.

    1. Congratulations with the Dutch Star.
      Lot of changes here at Galvin Bay, new owners and such very busy, you need to book well in advance.
      We have the Q-100 and works perfect for us because 99 % of the time its just the two of us. But I have cooked 2 chickens, 4 hamburgs and 4 hots dogs all at once for 6 adults and 5 children.
      You get bigger its heavier and takes more space.
      We have no need for a larger one but some people need huge!
      If you to a lot of entertaining Large meals steaks, ribs, chops for groups of people not big enough.
      But I bought this Q for us not company.

    2. Thanks, George. Sensible review and we will be getting the small one. I hadn't thought about the additional weight for a few mor inches of space on the grill.
      Happy grilling!

    3. P.S. are they still a Coast to Coast Resort?

    4. No problem this one works great for us is what I am saying !.

    5. Yep is our Coast to Coast home park, so we can come in anytime as long as there is spots for us.

  5. A nice little place your friends have. I love the trees and the outdoor living space. A great place for a bbq for sure.

    1. Yes beautiful spot , 3 bedrooms, kitchen, large family room and a sunroom too.

  6. A great day indeed. Hmm we are paying 1.44 for fuel here in Kelowna.


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