Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Brunch on our Q, cleaning up a bit today, supper on the Q, then ready to hit the road.

Where are we today ?

         Not much sunshine this morning but no rain and temps in the low 60's f (16c). Then got to craving a breakfast Quesadilla for brunch. And of course want to do that on our Weber Q.
        Now for this I prepped the toppings. Chopped up some ham, onion, fresh mushrooms and had some shredded mozzarella cheese to put on it. While doing this I preheated our Weber on high, brush it clean, then turned to medium low.
toppings prepped
        Sprayed two 8 inch tortillas with olive oil both sides and set on the grill lid up for about 2 minutes then turn over.
about 2 minutes
flip over and quickly add toppings
        Now need to be real fast at this part, poke any bubbles on the tortilla with a fork, spread one whisked egg on each one with a fork, try to keep most of it on the tortilla. Then quickly add the rest of the toppings and close the lid.
        About 3-4 minutes cheese is melted and egg has set.
Slide onto plates and fold over. Done!
        These cook real quick and are a bit dark on the bottom but very tasty and hit the spot. Can pretty well use any ingredients but thats what we had on hand.
        Now after lunch Suzie dust and vacuum our house, I check the tires, and few other things puttering about that I don't have to do in the morning. That stuff done we can relax and read for a while in the shade and enjoy our books.
enjoying our books
        Chatted with a few neighbors walking by and met some more new people here as well. And he happened to have dog that looked just like "Omer". Suzie was in her glory!
Jewel is a very nice dog
         Then time for me to prep supper. Potato pockets with potatoes, onion, celery,carrots and fresh mushrooms, drizzle some olive oil on, garlic and a vegetable spice. Double wrap with foil and on the grill about 40 minutes turning halfway thru.
potato pockets ready to wrap
        Then added some fresh garlic sausage and a couple fresh buns with garlic and cheese heated up too.
ready to go
I added sauerkraut for me and was awesome
       Now thats about it for the day, a walkabout after supper and put a few other things way, Watch the tube and call it a night. On the road in the morning visiting friends and a busy weekend.
        Thanks for stopping in was great for us hope it was for you too.

In answer to a question yesterday from JOOL about wood chips on our Weber.

I soak the wood chips for at least 30 minutes, wrap in foil and poke lotsa holes in the top with a knife.
I do get an excellent smokey smell while cooking, but not really sure how much it flavors the food.

 Posted by George, a.k.a. "The Weber "Q" Man of Blogland" according to Rick Doyle.
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  1. Yummy foof all day and that's about the best a camper can do....cook and eat! Haha..

    1. We did keep busy too, and enjoyed one of our last quiet days for a while.

  2. Looks like you weather is very nice. I see lots of sunshine. About time, I would say!

  3. Cooking, eating, sunshine, dogs and reading --- sounds like a nice day, eh?

  4. We've used wood chips in our Weber lots too. That's exactly what we do too. They work better that way than the commercial boxes that are supposed to hold them.

  5. Yum! Nice way to start the day...I love quesadilla!

    Safe travels today.

  6. Interesting idea on how to cook a quesadilla, just might try it. Have you ever cooked fresh green beans on the Weber and how do you do it?

    1. Never have done green beans, probably because neither one of us care for them, so not gonna happen.


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