Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Sunday, June 02, 2013

More funky weather, but a great sunday!

Where are we today ?

          Saturday night after posting our Blog it was almost nice out. Wagon ride happening a thought it would be a nice evening. So we decided to have a campfire!
         Well no sooner did we get it going real good then it began to rain! Go figure, so we hide under our awning for a while and read our books until its too dark then just called it a night. Try again another night for a nice campfire.
          Cooler today and some sunshine here and there even a few rain drops, but all in all not really too bad. Could wear shorts and t shirts most of the day.
          After  a few walkabouts the resort we decided to head back to the Pinery Antique Fleamarket in Grand Bend. Our favourite place to go for a bit on sundays when we are in the area. We got there later than usual and a bit of a lineup. 
           Did not walk the whole market this time we had a plan. In two weeks we had 12 books to exchange so made a bee line to see John our favourite book vendor here. always good deal took in 12 books and were allowed 8 free books in exchange. So will now be good for a couple more weeks, or until we get back in this area.
Suzie getting new books
        Next stop was my favourite guy for Pepperettes xtra hot for me, the best I have ever had. He is here every sunday in the summer and St. Jacob Markets on Thursday and Saturday.
excellent pepperettes
Old plane in the parking lot
        Got back from the market and grabbed a quick sandwich then relaxed outside for a bit with our books. A little later Mike and Trish stopped by while walking Maggie. They stopped for while and we enjoyed a social hour, chatting and comparing notes. Other dogs stopped by to say hi to Maggie too.
        Then soon time for supper. Tonight gonna do a pizza on our Weber Q. One of our favourite frozen pizzas is Delissio rising crust. 
right out of the box
then I dress it up the way we like it,
2 inches thick!
          Now I fire up our Weber, preheat 15 minutes, tin foil over a bit of the grill, my tiny trivet and the pizza on our heavy duty pizza pan. Sorry no pizza stone here. Close the lid and just a bit more than one hour on high heat and it is done to perfection!
even the crust is perfect
        That if for supper, even have left overs for lunch too.
        But then I see Mike walking onto our site with his lawn mower, nice neighbor, he wants to cut our grass for us. He is seasonal and has his own lawn mower, I was going to borrow the Resorts mower in the morning and do it.
Mike cutting our grass
doing a great job
        Mike did such a great job and worked up a thirst, actually I did too just watching him. So when he was done we enjoyed a nice cool "adult" beverage, before he headed back home and me inside to do some Blogging.
        Gonna be a cool nice tonight, good for sleeping, then steadily getting warmer more like summer weather.
        There ya go again, glad you stopped in and hope you had a great day too!
Posted by George, a.k.a. "The Weber "Q" Man of Blogland" according to Rick Doyle.
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  1. No grass here! Woohoo! You sure work that grill!

    1. Have fun with the grill, well there is not much grass there in the desert, but lotsa dust.

  2. Hey - I grilled a Delissio Pizza on our Weber Q the other day but I never thought to add toppings to it.

    Another great trip from the Weber Q Man of Blogland - thanks, George.

    1. We like a loaded pizza so just start with the basic and build, works great, just takes longer to cook.

  3. Oh no! You got rain? Honest we didn't send it your way.

  4. Great idea with that pizza. Guess we'll have us one for sure on the Weber soon.

  5. Cooked the pizza on high? OK well then we'll try the added extra touch of more toppings! pepperettes? dried peppers - what variety?

    1. Lots more topping s takes longer to cook.
      My pizza pan is very thick and heavy, two layers of foil under it and raised about an inch off the grill with a small cooking rack as a trivet.
      Pepperettes are a sausage like food made with beef, pork or turkey and various spices added, pencil thin looks like shrivelled hot dog, so tasty.

  6. Your pizza looked yummy!

    Nice to have great neighbors too!

    1. Worked out great.
      Most Rv neighbors are great too aren't they?

  7. Looked like a fun Flea Market to explore around. Would'nt mind trying some of those pepperettes, only can imagine how good they must be. Now, I have to give your pizza tip a try, yours sure looked awesome with all those toppings, and the crust did look perfect. Been at Mountain Lakes for the week, so next to no reliable internet to comment with. Have a great Monday!

    1. Make it Ontario next year and can check out the fleamarket AND the pepperettes.
      We heard about the internet at Mountain Lakes California , one reason we have not been there.
      The pizza worked out great!

  8. Love those deep in ground fire pits. Pizza on the BBQ , eh....not sure I could do that gluten free.

    1. the fire pits don't burn that well no air movement and people, even small children have fallen in them, so not too crazy about them.
      You can get gluten free pizza crusts or use corn tortillas on the grill.


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