Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Monday, June 10, 2013

Yippee, we moving again, new places and new faces!

Where are we today ? 
         Had a wonderful sleep last night the two of us. Actually slept later than usual, like 7 am! We had a busy weekend and now on the road,(love travel days) no hurry, only 266 kms (165 miles) to go and we have a reserved campsite at our Coast to Coast home park. Love the free camping here too, and an area that is another place we really enjoy. Cottage country in the Kawarthas'.
266 kms (165 miles)
         On the road about 10 am but we need to pass thru Toronto Ontario. No way around it, thats convenient, and population about 2.6 million people so we will have some traffic. As we got close traffic slowed down so, we made a quick stop at Milton (just before the city) to stretch and pick up a quickie cheap lunch at Wendy's. Five bucks and we are full!
         Now head thru Toronto a little slow but kept moving all the way.
Suzie is Navigating (in her sleep)
          Soon we off the highway and heading north, passed by Chemong lake and then we are at Galvin Bay resort. Our home park we have not been to since last year.
          Now a quick check in and it is raining, yukky stuff. But we got all set up and settled in for the next 12 days.
          Still raining, but we comfy now and our friends Pat and Norm next door stopped by for happy hour. The rain and cool weather made it end rather quickly. No problem thou, we are ready for an early night.
         So fired up our Weber (its been a few days) threw on a couple taters on foil with onions, and grilled two boneless pork chops, so tender and tasty.
added some frozen peas and tomato slices,
and we had a nice light supper!
         Now we are just gonna take it easy, early night, read a bit and let the TV watch me sleep.
         Just love our travel days, new places and new faces, this rv lifestyle as absolutely amazing!

         Hey just wanna thank y'all for stoping by for a visit and if you can find, us stop by our campsite to!
 Posted by George, a.k.a. "The Weber "Q" Man of Blogland" according to Rick Doyle.
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  1. One thing for sure is that those travel days seem to do a good job of itching the hitch itch.

  2. Enjoy your Park...kinda wet over here...

    1. Yeah we enjoy it here, nice country side and wet here too.

  3. will be up in your neck of the woods on Sunday in Niagara ON

    1. Darn, we just left that area are183 miles north of there, looks like we are gonna miss you guys unless you are around for a while.

  4. Ha Ha, ya know what I would do? My navigator fall asleep, I ease over there on that rumble strip. You talk bout a cackl'n hen, boy howdy!!!

    1. Nope don't wanna do that, she nice and quiet sleeping and I know these roads real well.

  5. The tomatoes, fresh peas and potatos look yummy. Today we will do veggie burgers and fresh veggies on our Coleman grill.

  6. ...and so ends a very busy weekend. Now you get to sit and rest a spell.


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