Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Thursday, June 06, 2013

Rock Glen Resort to Wilmot Center, to visit friends.

Where are we today ?
Wilmot Center, Ontario
          On the road this morning from Arkona Ontario to Wilmot Center, to visit with friends and park here for the weekend. Only a little over an hour away and just about 3 miles from New Hamburg. A nice country drive on the paved back roads took us about 90 minutes.
         They have a nice large driveway and lotsa parking back off the road. Wilmot Center is a tiny community of maybe a dozen houses in a wonderful country setting.
Oasis in the Center
their laneway

         Now set up here, a bite for lunch then into Kitchener for a follow up hearing test to make sure that my new hearing aides are performing properly. Yep, we are good to go and everything is awesome. 
entertainment for me
        Then picked up a few groceries and stopped by Ma's for a short visit. Here I picked up a suit that was stored there (we have a wedding to attend on Saturday).
        Then back to our house and gonna whip up supper for our hosts. They are still working and will be home after 6 pm tonight. Plan "A" was to BBQ something, but rain, wind and cold made me change my mind. On to plan "B" Throw together  a large pan of Lasagna, Caesar salad and a fresh baguette  Think that will work. And easy to keep ready for whenever they show up.
Suzie and Darla went to school together
     Well they showed up and we chatted and chatted and did manage to make time for a bit to eat. We checked out their awesome house and before we know it time to head home, way past our bedtime!
      Was a fun day, nice to catch up with friends again.
love this kitchen
        Glad you could drop in for a visit.

Posted by George, a.k.a. "The Weber "Q" Man of Blogland" according to Rick Doyle.
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  1. Oh goodness...a huge parking lot and beautiful hose. You hit the jackpot!

  2. Man, you could play shuffle board in that kitchen.
    The mention of "Wilmot" made me chuckle. One of my brothers lives in Wilmot (well, that's where you turn to get to his place). I think at Wilmot has never been more than a collection of a few houses.
    Of course, that Wilmot is in Nova Scotia.

    1. Yes a huge kitchen it is!
      Just a few houses here too.

  3. It certainly is nice to have friends and especially those who have a place for you to park!!

    1. Yep love these kind of places, country folk are great friends.

  4. Beautiful home, love the windows. You have friends all over the world.

    1. Is a beautiful home and fore sale too!!
      Thats why we love travelling, can meet up with lotsa friends.


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