Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Saturday, June 22, 2013

Woodstock, surprise party and almost a disaster for supper.

Where are we today ? 
        On the road this morning heading to Woodstock Ontario. To attend a surprize 50th birthday party for Mike and his friend Joe. Thats Mike of Mike, Trish and Jordan from Rock Glen Resort in Arkona. Lots of friends and family here and we surprisingly knew most of them, if not we did before the day was over.
         Kidding around with Trish's Dad again about me taking more pictures for the Blog (he reads it every day). I told him he would get top billing on today's posting.
Here ya go Donald
        As we were leaving Galvin Bay went across the street to fill up our coach and car with fuel. Cheap only $1.12.7 put in 245 liters of fuel and saved $39.20 on this fillup alone, compared to the $1.28.9 ($4.87) gallon a liter elsewhere.
a beautiful drive to start
hwy 401 heavy rain
then it cleared
more rain
here we are Woodstock
        We got to Mike and Trish's about 3 o'clock and parked on the street just down from Greg and Vanessa whose coach was parked on their lawn.
Suzie got to play with Maggie
lined up on the street

this the place
         By 4 o'clock people began arriving by the carload coming in to surprise Mike and Joe reaching this half century mark. (Been a while since I saw that one!) Great weather and very hot for most of the day. 34c (94F) with the humidity.
         Soon time to fire up their nice big BBQ and start cooking hamburgs and hot dogs for this crowd. Guess what can't get it started!!!! Lotsa propane but will just not light.
        Plan B= There just happens two Rv's here so Greg and I pull out our BBQ's. He has a coleman and our Weber. So we fired them up and got cooking, I can do 11 burgers on our Weber Q-100 at a time and him about 16 so we were busy for a while, burgers, hot dogs and chicken breasts.
That Big BBQ makes a good table.
Greg and I had fun cooking for the crowd, and there was lots of
salads, snacks, and cake for everyone.
lotsa food
Mike's Cake
Joe's cake

All the candles !
Joe, Mike and Trish
        Well we got the food cooked and everyone was feed, sang Happy Birthday and started serving the cake, then it rained, and it rained.  Some people left some like us took cover and chatted in a more cozy atmosphere.
        We had a good day and headed home to our house on the street. Sure is handy to have with you wherever you go, lotsa food, beverages, lawn chairs and even our BBQ's for emergency situations like this. Hey Mike and Joe thanks for having us out to your Party, we expect to be at your next 50th birthday party too!
         Thanks for stopping by for this surprise party, now tomorrow we can lift our jacks and mozy on down the road again.
 Posted by George, a.k.a. "The Weber "Q" Man of Blogland" according to Rick Doyle.
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  1. Regardless of the rain it looks like it was a very fun party and a successful dinner anyway.

  2. that is where all those people were heading south on the 400...

    1. Yep they were, didn't see you guys here must have got tied up in Toronto.

  3. Boy howdy, betcha you was tickle pink when that big grill refused to fire up.
    That was some birthday party an' kill two birds (birthdays) with one rock. Too bad the rains had to show up uninvited. Safe travels.....

  4. Nothing like enjoying Woodstock! Your Weber got a good workout!

    1. Love this area of Ontario, and Our Weber was up to the job.

  5. Always handy to have the RV with you for emergency BBQ duty:)

    1. Thats why we like to travel with our house, perfect!

  6. Sounds like you came to the rescue and saved the day...or at least the meal!

  7. That was a pretty fancy stainless steel table your Weber Q was sitting on, George.

    Those kind of off again on again weather days while driving are very annoying.

    1. No problem we take them as they come. That table much too big for our coach and don't work anyway.

  8. What a fun day! Great friends AND birthday cake...yummy!


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