Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Moving on down the road to a new location Happy hour with friends and a doggie fix

Where are we today ? 
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    Another very mild night , this is more like it. Not so cold anymore 45F  (7C) at 5 am pretty comfortable. Got my oatmeal , coffee and computing done, enjoyed a decent sunrise outside our living room window then headed for a nice walkabout down the road and back 1/2 mile each way.
              We enjoyed our nice relaxing morning for a while, secured the coach hooked up the car, said so long to Sandy, thanking her for this wonderful campsite, and headed on down the road just after 8:30 am . Nice that we got that done before the rain started. Looking out their kitchen window noticed a  bunch of Chickadees? , I have been corrected these are Goldfinches, at her feeder they are all over the place here.
nice to see all these birds at their Feeder
       Headed on down the back country roads here through a few towns and villages made our way to Rock Glen Resort in Arkona only 70 miles. we had some , rain , sunshine, rain and sunshine. Bit nonetheless a nice drive.
The home farm where Suzie was raised just down the road
our nephew Greg now runs it.
the laneway to the farm house
     We enjoyed the quiet country drive, had some rain , sunshine and rain for just over 2 hours .
gotta love these back roads
        We stopped west of London to top up our propane . Always a good price here at this GOCO. .69 cents a litre ($2.60  for a US gallon) that would be $1;96 in US funds. best price have had all winter for propane. Our prices for propane varied from $2:25  US a gallon to $3:50 a gallon.
        Not far from here we headed down the road and into our home membership park.
these rolling hills tell us we are almost here
this be the place
          We checking in and pulled over to this Sandstone #1 Cabin to fill our fresh water tank. The water is not yet turned on the the campground ground yet But will be soon..
winter water tap here
nice to get some good water again,
we good for a while now
     Then pulled around to our spring time campsite for about 10 days. Gravel site and a nice cement patio. We have 30 amp electric and sewer, and lotsa water on board until they turn it on end of the month .  Being our home membership park we pay no overnight fees. For this wonderful campground and we do love it here. Excellent facilities and love this area of southwest Ontario. We got all set up with no rain another bonus !
an early spring campsite we enjoy
     The campground is very quiet only one other camper here across from  us. It was a windy afternoon and the lady next was  trying to put up her awning. Her husband was at work, She was struggling not knowing how so we went over and got it secured. Always nice to help out fellow campers when we can.
a nice large site we have here
         Now at 3:30 we were invited to Gerry and Melinda's for Happy hour. We have not seen them since last fall. They were in Florida this year.
parked close their place and spotted this Robins eggs on the ground
sad to see, but not much I can do about it
    As we pulled up Tucker (their Dog) came running out all excited to see us and was all over us. When we got inside Suzie' could not even take her coat off and here he was hugs and kisses for Suzie.
Think he missed us?
More doggie fixes
lotsa rubs then he eventually settled down.
mind you he wanted kisses from me too
   Gerry came out with their Grand Daughter Aliya 14 months old, she is the apple of his eye and he cannot get enough of her.
Then of course Melinda  smiling as always
Gerry does smile too
Gerry can't get enough of her
I played catch with Tucker and his toy
     Eventually happy hour became almost 2,  time for us to head home and whip up supper. We have lots of left over Turkey so we decided a stir fry would do the trick tonight,  a frozen veggie mix, fresh mushrooms, lotsa turkey, soya sauce rice, sesame oil and an egg stirred in . Was so very tasty and just enough so no leftovers .
a tasty stir fry hit the spot tonight
      Still overcast cooling down and not raining, but no visible sunset tonight. Maybe another day.
  Nice to be at another place we enjoy, in the country and a very quiet campground.
      Now time to kick back and watch some of the hockey game on TV Boston and Toronto for a bit, then another show and soon call it a night.
      Thanks for following along with us as we move around like we enjoy, new places and new faces.
      Hope y'all had a decent day as well.
70 miles today

Want to learn more about Membership camping at Rock Glen Family Resort ? 
click this link to book a tour 
 Where have we been this Summer ?


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