Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Cold start then a warm sunny afternoon, Weber Q out and cooking once again.

Where are we today ?
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      Just another good nights sleep up at 5 am 30F (-1 C) again, no colourful sunrise, but it did come out with clear blue skies and warming sunshine. Still a bit chillier than I like for my morning walkabout so I hopped in the car for a nice country drive. Frost on the car windows. Enjoying the quiet back roads for a while.
love the frost on the car windows
this was taken from inside the car
so beautiful
      Headed on down the road enjoying the quiet country drive and the clear blue skies plus the jet trails.
so quiet and peaceful here
the pasture is getting green, and the
 cattle still inside the barn
      Heading the back roads into Haysville lots of deer in this area as I have seen over the years, none today though.
yup a  deer crossing 
a nice log cabin mansion here
      Then into Haysville towards New Hamburg this house below has been under construction for quite a few years, Sure would be a huge place when done. If it ever is.
this barn no longer in use in front of the mansion
      Then at 9:30 we headed into Waterloo, to Suzie's Chiropractor. Then a few blocks later to meet with our financial advisor. Like we do  like to meet with him a couple of times a year.
Suzie's Chiropractor
     While I waited here I took a nice walkabout the downtown Waterloo neighbourhood for a few blocks. Love looking at at these beautiful old homes here. So much interesting history around here.
love this old Garage , reminds me of one next door
 to us back in the mid 50's, memories!
used to hang around with the neighbourhood kids
front porches in the old neighbourhoods 
how about the circular staircase , fire escape
love it !
King Street with the new Rail system
      After here we headed down King St in Waterloo to visit with our financial advisor, chatted with him for a while, our funds are doing well. And we are happy with that. But he had another appointment, So from here we headed back home, Always nice to catch up with him a few times a year.  
      Back home for lunch by 12:30 and a wonderful warm sunny afternoon. 62F (16C) and a really nice day now. Got our lawn chairs out and set up our Weber Q. yay ! and enjoyed this wonderful sunny spring day with our e readers outside, perfect !
so nice to get outside , reading in the fresh air
and sunshine
behind our coach out of the breeze and in the sunshine
        Eventually after a quiet Happy Hour time to whip up supper and we can BBQ some turkey burgers. We have missed our Weber Q and sure it has missed us as well.
Turkey burgers and English Muffins heating in foil 
this was all we need tonight
sure did the trick
        No complaints here at all, today. The sun was shining and a wonderful warm day, reading outside for a few hours and fired up our Weber Q for supper. This was awesome !
       Glad that y'all could drop on by and hope your enjoyed a wonderful day as well.
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 Where have we been this Summer ?


  1. Off to a chilly, frosty start but ended up a nice to for a few errands and reading. Sounds like a good day to me!

    1. Yes Jeff it was a wonderful day no complaints here.

  2. That picture of the inside of the car window is very cool!

  3. Interesting homes. Love that photo of the frost on the car window. Very artsy.

    1. Wonderful old home. And Mother nature is a wonderful artist.

  4. Love the design on the windwos from the frost. Sounds like your weather is starting to warm up for you all. Nice old houses love the nice big porches

    1. Thanks JO it is warming up for a bit, and we are enjoying it. Yes I do love the large font porches, I built one on my last house and we spent so much time on it.

  5. Crazy question I know. Is there some special reason you ordinarily use English muffins with your burgers rather than bread buns like hamburger buns? I've never seen burgers served that way in a restaurant. Just curious.

    1. We like the English muffins, less filling, a bit smaller, last longer, and use them for breakfast as well. A universal product that works for us.

  6. Yesterday was a beautiful day and warmer today. The rain will hopefully hold off until after supper. :) Nice for you to get a couple of things taken care of.

    1. Yes Patsy it sure was and warmer today, this is more like it. Get those things taken care of while we are in the area.

  7. I love seeing all the beautiful architecture in your area. So much nicer than all these tract houses.

    1. Thanks I do as well, these places have character.


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