Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Sunday, September 30, 2018

Saturday and Sunday, Hockey Tournament fun kept us busy with family

Where are we today ?
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      This posting is wrapping up our busy Saturday and Sunday with our Grandson's Hockey tournament over 3 days and 5 arenas. 5 teams in their division almost 50 teams in total from all over southern Ontario 


      After a late night friday we up early got some coffees into us and some computing. Then headed out about 8:30 am to the Milverton Arena about 30 minutes north of here for the third game in this series.
a nice country drive for us
nice new arena in Milverton
         Another fast paced game in this new arena . so new they don't have the heaters hooked up yet so it was very chilly. They started off great then finally ended up being defeated 3-2.
They bundled up from the cold
fast paced action
     Now  11 am time to head back to Stratford for the lunch reservation she made for 40 people, all the team players and their families. The team members all sat together, to fool around and have fun the adults together, just because we could. We got seated in a nice area and the very efficient staff took our drink orders,  then the food orders. Everyone had arrived just after 11:30 . Food came out with precision serving one table right after another until all 5 tables of 8 had their food.
      By noon the restaurant was full and people waiting for seats. And amazing how we were all fed, our individual bills paid and were out of there before 1 pm.
this be the place , very popular
and very good
pretty quiet when we got there but soon filled up
this be the corner we had altogether
kitchen right behind us
very efficient staff
all the players sat here had a ball fooling around
         Our food came quickly, Suzie had the Quiche and a caesar salad.
she enjoyed this
now I had to have the Rueben
was very good but not as good as
Big Nose Kates in Tombstone Arizon
       Lunch done and we have a few hours before the next game at 4:40 pm so most people did their own thing for a few hours. We came back to the coach in Tavistock to relax for a bit then back for game 4 in Stratford.
      We walked a couple of blocks around Stratford to the car enjoying the sunshine in the city.
this is a cool bicycle set up
Reo Thompson Candies, very good but VERY expensive
no we did not buy any
this is a tourist town
         Back to Rose and Ross's for a while to relax this afternoon , enjoy the peace and quiet and a nice walkabout on this large country property they have here, so serene.
So nice here, we got married here 25 years ago and our wedding pictures
taken most back here 
       Arrived back at the arena for the 4:40 game and was Surprised when SIL Brian arrived with the 2 other Grands. Nice to see everyone here to support their brother.
Brian arrived with 2 more Grands
getting the ice resurfaced for their game
we smelled fresh popcorn and just had to have some.
         This game was a make or break if they win they make playoffs on Sunday.
Number 50 is our man
our other 2 grands keeping warm in the lobby, they are in shorts
They won this game so the playoffs on Sunday
ya hoo!
we done for today
see you tomorrow Grandad bye for now
        Back to Rose and Ross's and we visited for a bit with them and a few more friends, chatted for a while enjoyed some lively conversation  and shared travel stories. Ended up another late night.


       Got a call from my daughter at 9 am asking if we want to meet for breakfast at 10: 30 this morning in Stratford. Heck why not? So we checked with Suzie's Sister Rose for a good place and she suggested Demetre's. So Suzie called and made a reservation for  the 7 of us stating the we needed to be done by 11:30 to get to the arena and get ready for the 12:30 game.

this be the place
        They checked out of their room we arrived at 10:30 . had a perfect small room all to ourselves. The very efficient waitress was right on top of things and we were taken care of very promptly, even though they were very busy.
a perfect quiet room for us to enjoy and wonderful breakfast
SIL Brian even took a pic with me in it, no hat
far right corner  
the perfect quiet room
Grand daughter #1 hadn't this fruitcake breakfast
wow what a meal
I choose eggs benedict, a real indulgence
very rich but was awesome
Suzie, bacon eggs and excellent home fired potatoes
            After this we ready to head to the Molson Arena here in Stratford for the final Playoff game. . Our 4th arena this weekend an 5th game.
a very nice new complex 
nice to see both flags here
         As we were waiting for the game to begin we were surprised to see Brian's Parents arrive , they live over 2 hours away and we have not seen them for a couple of years. What a super couple they are.
Brians parents here to enjoy the game as well
all tense watch this game
     I watched from different areas with my Granddaughter, she kept me very busy and entertained the whole time.
we had fun teasing each other and carrying on
the game was tense but the other team was better
and they won the final game over the Aurora Tigers
receiving their awards
      We all waited to congratulate him on a game well played.
showing off that they were the finalists
great job guys!
          Now that was our fun, very busy weekend, 5 hockey games  at 3 different arenas over 3 days, great meals out and getting to meet some of the players families, spending time with family. Does it get much better than this? Think not.
        Back here by3 pm Sunday. kick back relax for the rest of the day, and probably most of tomorrow Think we just might stay right here for another day
       Then move to Suzie's Brother's place and help out a bit and get ready for a busy Canadian Thanksgiving weekend coming up in a couple of days, with all the rest of our families, before we head south.
      I know this was a long posting but this is what we did, and they are our memories that we can look back on. Hope you had a great weekend as well and many more to come.

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 Where have we been this summer?


  1. Sounds like a very busy weekend! Bentley's is a great place to eat in Stratford.

    1. Yes Stew it was a very busy weekend and Bentley's was awesome , they were amazing !

  2. Being that busy on a weekend can wear you right out.
    Congratulations to your Grandson for at least making it to the Finals.
    Be safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Thanks, it sure was a fun weekend being busy. Seeing all the games and family made it even more fun.

  3. Oh My - i'm pooped out just reading of all the fun you had with the games and grands! That's an awesome weekend to put in your memory bank!

    1. We sure had a good workout that's for sure, all this fun with family sure was worth it . And yes lots of wonderful memories.

  4. Some great memories made this weekend. Congrats to your grandson and his team great jobs kids. And all the great places you ate it all looks so wonderful. Now for a rest before you get those wheels rolling to your next destination.

    1. Yes JO fun times had by all of us. They played so great hockey had a lot of fun and good food as well. Rest up today and get ready for next weekend a very busy one again.

  5. George without a hat!!??..I hardly recognized you....
    Thanks for sharing your family and pictures of places I don't see me ever visiting..
    Keep having fun!

    1. Yes David sometimes I do take my hat off, so people don't recognize me . Thanks for coming along to this corner of our world.

  6. Lots of fun time with the family.
    Enjoy some rest for a couple of days.

    1. We sure did have a lot of fun, now taking it easy is in order for a bit.

  7. Nice to spend time with the family and watching the grandsons play hockey. They did really well!
    Now you need to rest for the next round of family visits. :) Enjoy!

    1. It was a very fun weekend, they sure did well and had too much fun.
      Yes the next week will be busy again.

  8. Sounds like a great weekend with lots of family time :-)

  9. Big beautiful smiles on all the family! What a busy weekend, but well worth it.

    1. Yes it sure was a busy weekend and definitely worth it to see everyone.

  10. That was a whole lot of hockey for just one weekend! :cD

    1. It was a lot of hockey but that is the way these tournaments go. lotsa fun.

  11. Now that was a busy weekend! I love hockey, it's so fast paced and fun to watch..especially if it's your grandchildren involved! Looks like great food too! Nice to see even more of the family than you thought! Your granddaughter is she takes after her grandpa with smiles and fun!

    1. It sure was amazing weekend we enjoyed. Way too much fun and good times.

  12. So special that you get to have this quality time with your family.


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