Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Thursday, September 06, 2018

St' Jacobs market. more lawn mowing and very tasty chicken dinner.

Where are we today ?
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      Heck we did have another wonderful sleep last night and Suzie got up before me at 5;30 am this is morning, amazing !
     Got my computing and coffees done a nice walkabout down the road for a mile or so then at 9 am we headed into the Thursday St. Jacobs farmers market. a place we enjoy especially at this time of year, When the crops are in season and some amazing deals to be had. Not much we can take advantage of, but we sure did when we had our house.
always enjoy this market, very visit is different
    Just look at all this fresh market produce and really great prices.
beef steak tomatoes , 3 bucks.
these cabbage are Huge! 
lots of Mennonites here shopping and working
we did buy a basket on mini red potatoes for Sandy

we bought 2 more of these amazing drink containers.
Like a thermos keeps drinks cold and hot drinks as well
loving these new drinking cups
in the food court a wonderful steel band we enjoyed for a while
then our poultry place for some Turkey Garlic sausage
5 lbs for Dennis and Sandy to freeze, 2 lbs for tomorrow's supper 
lots of great seafood here. but not today for us
           Another nice busker  here we enjoyed his music was wonderful.
nice flute music  
excellent prices 
    After the market I decided to cruise down King street though Waterloo to Kitchener. My what a zoo. Sure glad we don't live here anymore, country living is the way we like it.
new Light Rail Transit (LRT)
u turns lights are new
     Back home for lunch then I went to Camp Awesome 10 minutes away to finishing mowing the last 3 acres  there for John. Just because  I could and I enjoy it. 90 minutes later  I was done, not a hot day but in the sun I was quite warm. Temp only 74F but I was quite warm so I hopped in the pool to cool down. and it sure was refreshing. Water temperature was 80 f WOW sure felt nice !
5 acres all done and a nice dip in the pool was wonderful
           Headed back to Dennis and Sandy's and see my sweetie again.
crossing the Nith river love the views here
so peaceful on the back country roads
    Back home I package the sausage for Dennis and Sandy's freezer. and prepped the chicken for tonights supper.
love their deck here and our coach in the distance
     I used  their Weber Q 2000 to grill the chicken legs and thighs on my grill mat.
this sure worked well tonight 
grilled chicken, some taco salad and my green salad
sure did the trick tonight
     Back home to relax outside and read for a while and finish this posting. No sunset in the making so I just wrapped this up and headed inside to join Suzie  for a bit enjoying a show on the tube before calling it a night.
such a nice quiet evening we had
   That was our fun day enjoying this weather.
   Hope you enjoyed your's as well and thanks once again for stopping on by.
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 Where have we been this summer?


  1. The grass is so lush and all the trees are so nice and green. That deck even has beautiful healthy plants on it. I know I mention this every time but boy that produce makes my mouth water.

    1. We have had a good summer, lots of, heat, sunshine and rain, everything growing well here.
      The produce is wonderful so fresh and reasonable right now.

  2. Oh My - your Farmer's Market sure looks awesome! Nothing like that variety/quality in SoCal, I can see why you enjoy just walking through. Yard looks great after you groom it.

    1. We are lucky with so much wonderful farm land here in southern Ontario. a lot of people drive hundreds of miles to come to this market, every week something is new and different.
      It does always look wonderful when all trimmed .

  3. Wow, that's some market. What a great selection of veggies! Colourful too. too bad it couldn't last longer, but we all know what's coming.

    1. It is a wonderful market and does go year round with lots of variety. Soon winter will be here and we will be gone.

  4. That is one fine looking market - maybe the best looking stuff I've seen.

    1. This is always a great market to visit and has been for many years, just keeps growing too.

  5. Nice trip to the farmers market. It was a pretty nice day out there to enjoy!

  6. I can't get over the quality of the veggies in your pictures. Maybe you guys get all the good stuff and they send the crap to us in eastern Ontario.

    1. Everything here is excellent, probably because we are right in the middle of southwestern Ontario's farm country.

  7. All those veggies YUM! It would be a hard decision on what to buy! Great day for mowing and a dip in a nice warm pool! Love the deck at Dennis and Sandy's the plants look incredible! Dinner too!!

    1. So many wonderful selections at this market it is hard to choose, what to buy,, not too much we don't like but are limited in our storage as you know. They do have a wonderful property here , a nice setting under the trees.

  8. I don't think I've ever seen a market that big with that much produce! VERY cool!!!

    1. I think it is the biggest and the best we have ever seen n all our travels.

  9. Gotta love the farmers markets, everything fresh and mostly organic. The lawn mowing job is excellent!

    1. Yes Peter we do love these amazing markets, wonderful food and pretty good prices as well.
      The lawn mowing is another fun thing I enjoy, looks so nice when fretting cut.

  10. You don't need a garden when you have such a lovely market nearby. Such a wonderful selection of produce for great prices. I could just hear that steel band playing.

    1. That is right Contessa this market is amazing and so many roadside stands around here as well.
      In alway love hearing the steel bands.


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