Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Sunday, September 02, 2018

Elephants in Ontario? and a visitation reconnecting with old friends.

Where are we today ? 
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     Still quite warm overnight and a bit of rain. But we did have a very good sleep and did not get up at 3:30am, 6 am is much more like it when that happens.
     Did the usual morning stuff and a nice walkabout down the quiet country road here. no traffic just the way I like it, so peaceful . Got my first mile done just after 8 am. And enjoyed the scenery
     Now this tree caught my eye below and I could  swear it is an elephant head with a nice long trunk..  Do we have elephants here in Ontario? Hmm...
can you see this elephant head too?
love the quiet back roads and Sunday morning quiet
         Then a quick trip to the grocery store for supplies for today and tomorrow. No stores open on Labor day, want to make sure  we have what I plan to cook. We had a light tasty lunch then headed into Kitchener for a visitation for a brother of some very good friends I have known for many years. It was a large family of brothers and sisters and I have met them all over the years, he was so young, early 60's but he is now at peace.
       The thing about visitations (funerals) is I met a lot of people I have not seen for almost 40 years. Wow! I knew so many of them but it appears some of us have changed, and some not so much.  I did touch base with almost everyone there (I think) . Not many recognized me, guess I look much older than I feel! LOL... Only on the outside, inside I am still a kid, .. Hope to catch up with a few of these people to hash over old times. We had a lots of fun times back in the day and wonderful memories. Too bad it takes funerals and weddings to reconnect.
      Eventually we headed out back home to New Hamburg . I wanted to have a shower before we get our sewage pumped out in the early morning and had to get a chicken on our Weber Q for tonights' supper.
     Preheated our Weber Q and chicken on to grill by 4 pm, whipped up a salad and got to start another book on my KOBO.
always enjoy Jeffery Deaver
good page turners
read for a bit in the shade while the chicken is cooking
         Noticed Sandy's daughter Stacey came by with the boys and baked a batch of banana muffins for Sandy and she got to visit with her 3 grandsons too.
as usual the boys playing outside
         Then when the chicken was almost done Suzie boiled some small potatoes, and I made a batch of our favourite Swiss Chalet dipping sauce for this chicken. (only in Canada)
this a favourite of most Canadians 
this fresh baked banana muffins smell wonderful
      Then when Dennis came home from chores I took the chicken in and chopped it in quarters, so we each got a piece, mini potatoes, salad and dipping sauce sure did the trick and tasty fresh baked muffins for desert if we wanted.
love doing our chickens this way,perfect
    It all smelled  so good and we was hungry I dove right in and did not even take a picture, Thats ok it sure was tasty though, can you smell it from there? Saved the bones and think a nice pot of chicken soup could be on the go tomorrow morning, supposed to be a rainy day, but we will see. Was supposed to rain today but did not happen yet, not that we are complaining.
    As I was wrapping this posting up I noticed we could be having  wonderful sunset, but not doable here in the bush so I hopped in the car and whipped down the road and sure enough I managed to get and very nice Ontario sunset. pretty close to a desert one in Arizona. .
not bad for a unset in Ontario
    Now relaxing outside enjoying another mild evening wrapping up this posting and back into our page turners.
     Wanna thank y'all for joining us today and hope you had a wonderful day as well.
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 Where have we been this summer?


  1. Sorry to hear of your friend's brothers passing. You're right though, visitations and funerals seem to bring old, dear friends together. there's nothing wrong with that.
    Beautiful sunset, we didn't get it here, I was watching. :)

    1. Thanks Patsy, their whole family was so close so many years ago.
      It was nice to see everyone again though, even under the circumstances .
      I was glad I got this one tonight.

  2. I'm a;so at the age where I meet up with friends at funerals, not very many weddings as most of their kids are now married with their own kids.
    Your chicken looks great! Bet all enjoyed their dinner.

    1. We have a large mix of friends so get to see them at all stages. 2 weddings this year and 3 funerals. The chicken was tasty sure hit the spot.

  3. In sure your visitation was a big lift for all involved. It's the same reason so many of us enjoy your daily blog, you are always upbeat, encouraging, inspiring. Thanks!☺

    1. Thanks gumo.
      It was so nice to see everyone again and enjoyed seeing many people from my past it was uplifting and sobering as well.

  4. What were you drinking George?? LOL Ok, I see the elephant too! It's sad to have so many funerals at our age. I guess it shows just how lucky we are. LOVE that chicken. If I could only find one cheaper than $9.00!!

    1. Maybe too much coffee! Glad you saw the elephant too.
      With all these funeral of people young than me I guess we are lucky , every day is a bonus.
      When I see one on sale I grab it most chickens here close to $3.00 a lb !
      And I know when to shop the sales early morning first day of the week usual works well.

  5. That was a beautiful sunset! And it took me a moment but I did see the elephant :-)

    1. Thanks guys, we enjoyed it too. Glad you saw my elephant.

  6. I can see the elephant, too and I wasn't even drinking. I know because it's not pink... :cD

    1. Glad you saw him too, and he was not pink , lol....

  7. It took a bit but I finally saw your elephant, nice trunk.

    Great sunset photo.


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