Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Tuesday, September 04, 2018

Hot again, but did get things done, wax on wax off, a quick and easy waxing our coach.

Where are we today ? 
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            Another hot day its gonna be. {pretty comfortable overnight) . with no blankets on and we both slept well.
feels like 104 F later today but we do have
 a nice breeze here in the shade
soles get things done.
          I wanted to get a few things done early today so a quick trip to Plattsville to chat with the guys at the garage then into New Hamburg for a few for supplies.
love the back roads around here
      Back home I had picked up supplies for us and Sandy , we set for today. Decided on these ribs below I picked up the other day. On sale $4:47 a package compared to regular price 10 bucks A good deal and will feed the 4 of us nicely.
precooked just heat em up
     Now that I had things taken care of early in the day and our coach freshly washed, Decided it was a perfect day to do some waxing on our coach. Love this Meguiar's Ultimate liquid wax, so easy to use . wipe on and wipe off. Gives an amazing shine and protects our OLD 20 year old coach.
so easy to use
a real nice shine
I spent about 90 minutes and waxed both sides of our coach
all the white up to the trim, as far as I could reach
without my ladder
     While I was doing this Suzie took her Dad to a doctor's appointment, she came home in time for a nice tasty lunch.
     I made a quick drive to Leisure Days rv to find a new screen door slider , but they have none for our coach and can't find any at their suppliers.
     So I came home checked on line and ordered one to be delivered this Friday, nice to be able to get parts for our 20 year old coach.
     We chatted with Sandy , she was out and about walking the property and stopped in for a nice visit  here in the shade. Getting her exercise, very important after an operation
      Then soon time for supper, I whipped up a salad, put the ribs in the oven for about 25 minutes, heated up a small can of sauerkraut to go with dinner for me and Dennis. We reheated a bit of pasta from the other night and they did whatever. To go with the ribs.
on their porch our coach way back there
         Supper was done and when Dennis got home from chores we ate just after 6 pm, And really enjoyed a tasty rib meal.
tasty and filling sure did the trick today
Suzie does a quick cleanup.
     Then we back home to enjoy another very warm evening outside , posting this blog and enjoying our e-readers.
      About 7:30 I could see we might have another nice sunset, so hopped in the car and down the road a mile or so to see what I can find.
we are camped back in the bush there ,
so have to get out in the open to see the sky
and as luck would have iI did catch an interesting sunset view
      Now that this blog is posted I can get right back into my page turner book on my Kobo then eventually head on inside and call it a night. After another great late summer day.Loving this extended summer.
      Thanks for dropping on by.
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 Where have we been this summer?


  1. I was thinking how funny it was that both you and hubby would decided to wash and wax the RV on the same days. Yours is looking good, ours looks good as well but still needs one side done. Once again another beautiful sunset!

    1. LOL that is strange, but we soon be heading south again so is nice to get that taken care of before we hit the road. It is nice to keep our rigs looking good.

  2. There's nothing I hate more than waxing the rig. Maybe I'll try that wax ... when it cools down a bit.

    1. I don't mind waxing it with this wax so easy to use.

  3. Those temps are horrible. Rig looks awesome! Dinner looks awesome and that sunset...gorgeous!

  4. Your coach sure does shine! No wonder it has lasted so long, you give it lots of TLC! :c)

    1. Thanks Guys the TLC does pay off in the long run. After all it is our home.

  5. Waxing is the way to keep our old coaches in prime condition. Another great sunset.

    1. Yes it sure does keep hem looking nice.
      Have been having nice roll of sunsets here gotta love it.


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