Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Wednesday, September 05, 2018

Another hot day we enjoyed, dogs in a hot vehicle, lawn mowing and tasty salad for supper.

Where are we today ? 
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          Another warm summer evening, windows open with a lovely breeze very comfortable for sleeping.
           Just after 7 am I took a nice walk down the road and back just over a mile to start my day.
a nice quiet country road
     Then a short drive to Plattsville (Pettigrew's garage) chat with the guys and borrowed a special tool to remove our broken window winder from the drivers door (yes we still have manual wind up windows). The knob on it keeps coming off so I just switched to a rear window window very seldom used. I used to have that tool probably 40 + years ago when I worked on a lot of old cars, but it must have went away when we purged the house?  Nice to have the proper tool, I switched these winders in less than 5 minutes, Much better now.
      Then at 9:30 I took Suzie to New Hamburg dropped her off at a her Dad's to glue  another puzzle he has finished. While she did that I picked up a few groceries for Sandy and us. While I was loading the groceries in the trunk this "old guy' lol, probably my age came over and asked if I was a dog lover, Yes I replied, He had been sitting in his car waiting for his wife and notice this Black pickup truck beside him with 2 dogs in side barking , with the windows up in this heat. So I took a look, yes there was but the truck was running with the air conditioner on (water dripping under is a good sign) so figured that they would be safe.
      45 minutes later I picked Suzie up and back home for lunch.
      About 11 am lunch done then I whipped over to Camp Awesome, 10 minutes away, to mow a bit more yard for an hour or so , it was hot today, so when done a very nice refreshing dip in the pool. method in my madness.
looking better now
this pool is wonderful perfect temperature 80f
and nobody here but me!
          While I was gone Suzie and Sandy fried up some hamburg and ground chicken(for us) to make a Taco salad for tonight's supper. Sounds good to me on another hot day.
       Back home I fixed our door opening so the bugs (wasps) cannot get in to the opening by the latch. I had saved an old bicycle tube for these kind of repairs, So cut a chunk off and made it fit the opening, keep the bugs out.
this old tube came in handy
new flap installed
no bugs can get in there now
      Now to relax in the shade enjoying our e-readers, My Kobo and Suzie's I-pad mini right back into our page turners. A perfect way to enjoy a warm sunny afternoon with a nice cool breeze. Even though it is hot we are quite comfortable here in the shade.
this works for us here
       Sandy got this recipe off the internet and was wonderful. quick easy and so tasty. You can click this link here if you are interested. Perfect make ahead recipe for a hot day or also great for a pot luck meal.
all ready to go ,
just add the nachos on our plates
yummy ? Tasty?yup it sure was
we did enjoy it and lotsa leftovers too
another hot day but  we survived
thunderstorm ? Maybe 
      Now supper done we back home outside and just relaxing here doing what we do best, Chat. post this blog and read more of our page turners.
      Not waiting for a sunset tonight.time to wrap this up for today.
      This is the life we enjoy. Hope you enjoyed your day as well and thanks for stopping on by.
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 Where have we been this summer?


  1. The lawn looks great, again. So does the taco salad on a muggy day.

    1. Thanks Jeff nice to get the yard looking nice and the taco salad was perfect.

  2. Nice that you got the grass mowed and a refreshing dip afterwards. That was a nice reward.
    The humidity should be leaving us for the weekend so should be more conducive to being outside.

    1. It was nice getting that done and the pool very refreshing too.
      Much cooler now I hope you enjoy it more then me.

  3. Gosh you do a great mowing job. My lawn never looks that nice!! It certainly is nice to be handy. Great fix-it jobs!!

    1. Thanks a good commercial mower sure does a nice job.
      I like to putter around a fix things when I can.

  4. George you come up with innovative fixing ideas. Good job of keeping the bugs out. That pool looked inviting on such a hot day, didn't it? Bet you drove fast on that lawn mower to get a cool breeze while cutting ;-)

    1. I like to try and fix things the easy way first, it was a simple effective fix.
      I could not wait to get in the pool was so refreshing, not needed today.

  5. Perfect lawn, perfect repairs and a perfect salad on a perfect day!

  6. Thanks for the taco salad recipe. Looks like you added some things to it, beans?? and what is the green stuff? I think that this would be a great addition to a pot luck on the Isla, made with my veggie ground round of course.

    1. Your Welcome Contessa.
      We added a green pepper, kidney beans lettuce and was very tasty great for a pot luck.The veggie ground round would be great as well.

    2. Ah, green pepper. Got it. Thanks.


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