Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Friday, September 07, 2018

Hot air Balloon sighting, another visitation, tasty supper and eye in the sky.

Where are we today ? 
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    Did it again I slept too fast, up at 4:30am wide awake. A nice early time to start my day. Don't want to miss anything ya know.
      Got the computing and coffees done and at 7 am down the road for a mile or so for a walkabout, a bit chillier, but could still wear my shorts with a hoody. Spotted this hot air Ballon off in the distance , a perfect clear morning for it and just a very slight breeze.
more spider webs,
can't see the spider but right in the middle
what an amazing view they would have early this morning
       Then a quick trip to Pettigrews, check our lottery ticket. Yeah! we won a free ticket for the next draw, better than nothing.
        Shortly after 9 am I took Suzie into New Hamburg to help glue another puzzle her Dad made, to mount in another frame. He is getting quite a collection. Picked up a few groceries then home for a light tasty lunch.
the next door neighbour has a couple of Llamas
 this one wandering about the field kind cool
just wandering about carefree
another nice puzzle her dad finished
he does love doing these
    Puttered around for a while and did some reading then into Plattsville for another visitation. A friend we met many years ago when daughter number 2 was in figure skating for about 6 years. His 2 daughters were teaching the young girls. And we went to many competitions around Ontario and New York and met up with him and his wife, they also came in my restaurant for many years. He passed away in his 79th year. What a wonderful man he was.
    The visitation like most we met up with a lot of people we have not seen for many years. So many memories we have.
    We stopped by Pettigrew's on our way home and our package had arrived. A new screen door slider. I had to order on line. Not available from our rv suppliers anymore for a 20 year old coach. But had it delivered  in two days.     
old broken slide left nice new one on the right
     Suzie's Dad came over and we helped him mount this puzzle in another frame he made.
nice picture of father daughter time in his workshop here
       Now to relax a bit in the shade another decent day. back into our e-readers for a while.
a nice warm afternoon 75f in the shade
      Soon time for supper I fired up their weber Q 2000 and grilled some Turkey garlic sausage plus one chorizo sausage I got yesterday at the St. Jacobs Market.
love this sausage and the chorizo was very tasty ,
Dennis liked it too
 a very nice tasty meal we enjoyed.
     Then about 7:30 I drove out of the bush and whipped down the road looking for a sunset.  Interesting one tonight, not colourful but different.
tonight's sunset looked like an eye in the sky
          Not too bad of a  day after all. with decent weather, visitation, seeing friends again and a tasty meal.
          Thanks for stopping on by.

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 Where have we been this summer?


  1. I sure would like to know why I stopped receiving your blogs by email. It's been about a week. I thought I had been dropped so resigned up only to be told I was already registered.

    1. Don't have a clue Frank, computer things sometimes work and sometime don't, thanks for following along with us.

  2. Hard for me fathom the speed those jigsaw puzzles can be put together! I might get one a year done! Are the llamas used for their wool? or as pets? I know the alpaca wool is prized, but not sure of the llama.

    1. It doe track time and concentration to do puzzles and Suzie's Dad has both and enjoys it.
      I believe they have these Llamas as pets.

  3. Yummy-looking sausage again. Guess I slept too fast too tonight. Gord.

    1. It was very tasty we all enjoyed it, Sleeping too fast happens sometimes but we do adjust.

  4. I am loving Suzie dad's puzzles and the fact that he makes the puzzle frames himself how special! Your dinner looks wonderful those sausages! Nice you were able to order the slider for your door. Gorgeous sunset!

    1. Her Dad enjoys doing theses things and does keep him busy.
      These sausage are wonderful, so tasty and healthier than the pork sausage.
      Glad we got the slider too.

  5. I love that Dad does the puzzles. I actually do them on my phone several times a day. It's a fun way to pass the time.

    1. Puzzles are great brain teasers, keeps you occupied and getting them done a sense of accomplishment.

  6. Suzie's Dad is going to run out of wall space :) Brittle plastic on our older Rv's are always an issue. We have a tiny part broken in a fridge tray and after a month of research I have discovered that no one has that tray.

    1. Nobody had our slider either, but I found it on Amazon. I have also found some items on E bay that no one else has.

  7. E bay has saved the day for me a bunch of times! :c)


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