Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Sunday, September 09, 2018

Tavistock Fall fair, Big Bunny Bonanza , Puzzle hanging and 2 chickens on the Weber Q.

Where are we today ? 
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        Still cooler and got a really good sleep with this fresh air and a bedroom window open.
        About 8 am I took a nice country walk down the road and into a field beside the corn stalks. I have adjusted somewhat to the chilly air, more clothes a sweater. No sunshine today though so not really inspiring at all. A short drive around the country roads and stopped at No Frills for some orange juice.          
so peaceful here
love these corn cobs , and the large tassel
         Then back home to putter around for a bit, and make a tasty BLT for lunch with these tasty beefsteak tomatoes we picked up at the Market on Saturday.
one slice of tomato does it
oh so tasty
       Then right after that I went to the Tavistock Fall fair, just because I could and check out the old cars there. And check out what all was going on. 
       It was still pretty quiet and the midway does not open until noon, and it was a very chilly day. I got there at 11:30.
      Nice to be here before the crowds.
     Oh the memories of the excitement of the fairs years ago as a child and with my kids.
      Now to see what I came here to see check out the old classic cars. about 40 but still more arriving.
love this one
the boat tail rear was a trade mark
and this one I have never seen before
     A few real old ones under cover
only one 57 chevy
love this Studebaker too
original Flat head 6 cylinder
55 T-Bird a real classic
now this Dodge Dart swinger
with a Hemi in it
man would the thing fly !
    Then I went into the hall to check this out there lots of display and competition judging.
       But the real fun attraction was the Big Bunny Bonanza. This was a blast to watch these bunnies try to do the obstacle course over jumps and through hoops.
this bunny got stuck
needs a little help
this guy kept wanting to go back 
       When I got back to the coach at 1 pm Suzie and I loaded her Dad's framed puzzles and over to his place to mount them on the walls for him.  He has 4 done in this series and wants 4 more. The next Puzzle he will be making is a very nice one of John Wayne. He has room to mount 2 more then he will either give them away our donate to the silent auctions they have there is his thoughts. 
he is quite happy with them
      Now at 4 pm I prepped 2- 4 lb chickens I picked up the other day on sale to cook on Dennis and Sandy's Weber Q 2000 for tonights supper. I cooked them at their house because it was right outside the kitchen, easier to do and less windy there. They will take a bit longer with the cooler weather, but we have time for that. While they are cooking I whipped up a salad to go with it.
they have the larger Weber Q, and it works just as good as ours
took about 80 minutes to get these chickens up to temperature
using medium heat setting
      Then  I made up some of our Swiss Chalet dipping sauce we all love. to go with it, Just like a rotisserie chicken only better cooked at home and much cheaper.
chickens done to perfection.
I quartered them and  we had a feast
I like my hot sauces with chicken works really well for me
yummy? yup, and I even had 1/2 of a mini potato
       Now we have a lot of chicken bones and still cool weather so the plan tomorrow is to make a huge  pot of chicken soup. So why waste all this goodness?. I will get right to it in the morning and will be ready for lunch. 
       Just after 7:30 pm thought I might catch a sunset, I whipped on down the road. Nope! Nothing to really take a picture of other than some clouds. We have been pretty lucky the last few days, but not tonight. No matter we had a wonderful day as it was.
     Thanks for stopping in once again and hope y'all had a great relaxing Sunday as well.
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 Where have we been this summer?


  1. Yummy supper as usual! The fair looked nice too. Suzie's dad puzzles sure look nice hung up.👍

    1. Thanks Loree it was a very nice productive day despite the cool weather.

  2. Love that Studebaker. Always wanted a Golden Hawk till I saw the Avanti. My dad had a Lark. Pretty ugly but was roomy. Your fiend R.M. Font

    1. LOL, thanks for being a fiend Ron...I always loved the old Studebakers and the Avanti was really something when it came out.

  3. Glad you had a good day at the fair's car display. The fairgrounds always look sad with no participants before it picks up.
    Nice cars, love the '57 Chevy, always one of my favs.

    1. It does look kinda deserted but advertised from 12 noon till 5 at the midway , so no point coming earlier.

  4. There's nothing like fair food and old cars. How fun!! Your chickens look amazing ... of course!!

    1. The fair food is a treat, but they were not open yet when I was there.
      Thanks Nancy, Chicken is always good on the Weber Q.

  5. Looks like another great day! The fair looks like fun and I like the idea of getting there early before the major crowds! Love Suzie's dad's pictures! Beautiful and the frames are awesome too! Dinner turned out perfect!

    1. Yes guys it was a wonderful day, and I do like to beat the crowds.

  6. Bet that Dodge Dart has a hard time keeping tread on its tires! :cO

  7. The Bunny Bonanza looks like fun to watch. But like you I'd like to wander around the old cars. Looks like there were a lot and all in such great restored shape.

    1. The Bunny Bonanza was a real hoot, And the old cars were my thing and most in showroom condition.

  8. I spent all of my childhood and early teen years going to the Tavistock Fall Fair. Many, many, wonderfully great memories. Enough so that they have lasted me a lifetime...……….

    1. The fall fairs are great for your younger days always great memories of them I enjoy them as well. Most of my Memories are of the CNE in Toronto. My Father was a bus driver and I could ride it free and he could get me in the grounds free, so lotsa fun memories from back then too.

  9. I love your photos of the vintage cars. Can you tell me what the boat tail car is? My hubby thinks it might be a Deusenberg, Auburn or Cord? He has a classic Jag and loves all these old cars too. I just like being a passenger!

    1. Thanks Rosie it is always nice to see these old beauties. The Boat tail car I believe was a 1934 Auburn. in excellent shape. Sure would love to drive one.


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