Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Friday, September 14, 2018

Just enjoying more wonderful weather well we can.

Where are we today ? 
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    Another warm overnight 63F at 5 am. almost still summer weather. Got a nice walkabout again this morning just over 2 miles by 8 am. Down the road to check out the culvert construction. These guys really know how to handle these machines almost dancing in unison.  
an interesting sunrise this morning
love this old VW camper in excellent shape
    These guys below were right on the job just after 7 am, they sure know there stuff.
almost ready to finish the road
one huge culvert here
    Then about 9 am I whipped into Forest for a nice leisurely drive, pick up a few supplies and check out the tiny farmer's market here, Their season has almost ended.
they still have some fresh local strawberries.
lots of apples and tomatoes as well
these young children were so cute
walking the market, now resting
this busker playing his flute was pretty good
     Back home puttered around a bit enjoyed a light tasty lunch the got this 11 Lb turkey from Melinda to cook for tomorrows dart banquet. I borrowed a roasted from the clubhouse , Kim is cooking the other one. 
this roaster works good from the turkey
 was a bit too big for our oven
Turkey ready to cook, I like to cook it breast side down
so that it is much moister
3 hours later all done and so moist
all the meat off the bones in some juice
ready to reheat tomorrow
now I have all these bones will make
a very tasty turkey soup
in a few days
          3 pm evolved and so did Happy Hour first arrival was Tucker right up on his chair to greet Suzie, Gerry right behind him, he knows where to go.
he is so excited and all over her
she loves it
          A few minute later Ron and Lorree  arrived, then Melinda, We chatted shared stories and solved the worlds problem, nice to catch up with everyone again.
Tucker gets his treat
cause he is a good boy
he even jumped up on  Loree's lap to be rubbed as well
that is rare
        Then when John was done work he stopped in to visit as well and join in the conversations, nice to chat with him when he is not working.
Gerry and John
     After everyone left  I fired up our Weber Q to grill a couple of Shrimp burgers we enjoy from the Real Canadian Superstore . They are so tasty and filling.
English muffins warming in foil
I made some seafood sauce for them, with lettuce
on an English muffin 
That was all we needed tonight
       Today's weather was another very nice warm one in the mid 80'sF and quite comfortable here in the shade. We enjoyed it and are still enjoying it outside after 8:30 pm. We will enjoy as much of this weather as we can get. Too soon cold again !
        Glad that you dropped by and hope you had a very nice day as well, and staying away from the Hurricane on the East coast.

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 Where have we been this summer?


  1. Someone did a really nice job on that VW bus.

    1. Yes they sure did. he has had it for many years, uses a bigger rv most of the time.

  2. Always so nice to visit with you George and Suzie. The Turkey smelled so good cooking and looks yummy!

    1. Thanks guys always enjoy when you guys drop in and join us for happy hour.

  3. Another enjoyable hot day. you're right, it gets cold too soon. Look at what we had last weekend!!
    So nice to see a picture of Loree and Ron, Gerry and Melinda. Cheers to Happy Hour!

    1. It was a wonderful day and we enjoyed every minute of it. Happy hour fun as always.

  4. Trackhoes are pretty amazing machines.

  5. Busker? I've never heard of that before. We call the equipment excavators ... had a couple of big ones at our construction company. The bigger they are, the more fun they are to operate.

    1. Nancy they are excavators. The busker was the musician and the farmer's market in Forest playing his flute.
      Yes they sure would be fun to operate.

  6. Perhaps it was the long warm summer, but your market continues to amaze with its produce selections.

    1. It was long and warm but we did have sufficient rain so the crops did well this year

  7. Hello over there! You guys are enjoying as usual I see! Those pics of the road, where is that? When do you guys head south, and where you headed this winter? Love your sunrise pic, what a glorious sunrise!

    1. Hi guys how's it going there? Have a great time as usual, The road is outside the gate turn left a new culvert under the road all done now. Oct 18th head down through Georgia, maybe styx , Abita then Willis Texas taking a cruise from Galveston for a week end of November then may our way tp Arizona. Where you guys going?


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