Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Monday, September 03, 2018

Hot, sunny, rain, washed our coach and sewage taken care of by George! And met another blog follower.

Where are we today ? 
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     Slept fast again and was up at 4:30 ready for the day. It was warm but with windows open and a nice breeze. no a/c needed our available with limited power here. We were comfortable.
      Got my coffee and computing done then had to hook up 3 hoses to top up our fresh water tank Then I got a pot of chicken soup going waiting for George to arrive and pump us out. Not desperate yet but he said he would be here today at 9 am, Maybe he forgot it was a holiday and meant Tuesday? No matter we ready for him.
       In the mean time Suzie went to her Dad's to coat another puzzle he has ready to mount, and  I took advantage of the hose being out and washed the car, and began washing the coach with the roof, got the soup all together and let it simmer. Then I got the front and passenger side of the coach washed.
filling our fresh water
nice view from the roof, 
            Stopped for lunch and sent some soup into Dennis and Sandy's.  And just before noon the rain began real heavy, to be done by 1 pm , it was right on time and then I can finish washing the coach.
tasty chicken soup, apple, banana and
watermelon for lunch hit the spot
   At 1 pm the rain stopped and sign came back out and I finished washing our coach. It has been a very warm humid day, I do enjoy working out with a good sweat , cleans the pours.
looks better now,
just need to wax it again
          George from M&G Portables did come by this afternoon to pump us out. and this time he brought his wife. Marilyn, to finally meet us. George and Marilyn  have been following our blog for  quite a while. And when he told her he was coming to pump our sewage (the Gypsies he calls us) she wanted to come along and meet us. How cool is that ? So nice to meet her and glad that she came along for the ride, what a nice lady she is dealing with Friendly George for all these years. But then he is a George so I can understand why. 
they do have a booming shitty business, but keeps them busy
He backed right in and got to work, even if we not here he knows what to do,
we just leave the cash there for him.
 Few minutes our sewage is empty and we had
 a wonderful chat with Marilyn and him as well.
then off to the next customer
    Then we got to read in the shade for a bit to cool down with humidity felt like 95F.
we are cool here in the shade
spotted this spider we in the sun not a great picture, but the trap is set
and the spider is waiting for a meal
     Soon time to begin supper, tonight salad ,salmon with dill sauce and Sandy made some rice in her rice cooker.      
     For the salmon and Dill sauce recipe you can click HERE or my recipe blog top right side bar.
salmon ready for the oven
ready to serve

I made extra dill sauce for the rice
oh so tasty
       Still outside and just after 7:30 pm I noticed there could be a sunset so hopped in the car and down the road for a mile or so to a catch a perfect view of another colourful sunset.
A great way to wind up another wonderful day
     The was our busy productive day, no where to go just get a few things taken care of around here and enjoy this extended summer weather while we can.
    Glad that y'all dropped in for a peak at what we doing and hope you labor day weekend was as good as ours , our maybe even better.

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 Where have we been this summer?


  1. Sounds like we shared the same storm. Glad everything went well.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. It was only 1 hour of rain then hot and sunny again, a good day.

  2. Food looks grand as always and that sunset if just gorgeous

    1. Thanks JO , it was a tasty day , and got lucky with another sunset too.

  3. We didn't get the rain yesterday at all, funny how it hits and misses. We aren't really that far apart.

    1. It is strange sometimes even from here to Plattsville 10 minutes away much different weather.

  4. You sure do keep busy George! Your coach looks great.

    1. Thanks Loree, like to get these things dine when we can.

  5. Maybe you could come stay in Arizona. My rig needs a wash and wax! LOL
    Salmon looks wonderful and I bet tasted even better! Beautiful sunset!

    1. We would love to stay in Arizona but too much family here to see when we can.
      Tha salmon was excellent thank you.

  6. Another gorgeous sunset, lucky you ... great picture!

  7. Great job George on the cleaning of the rig! Gorgeous sunset once again! Dinner looks awesome and how nice to share with family. Soup too.

    1. Thanks it was nice to get it washed again and soup made. Hope to get some waxing done as well. We like to help out while here while Sandy recuperates .

  8. One time I was in a place where I had to have a sewer truck come and pump me out, $50! Now I make sure I never get in a situation like that again. Hope your pump out was much cheaper.

    1. Wow ! George only charges me $20.00 very reasonable. we have free camping and water here closest dump station is 10 miles away and they charge $20. plus our fuel tp get there and back.


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