Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Friday, July 13, 2018

The heat wave came back, helping a friend set up her satellite dish and enjoying this weather. Also fixed our airconditioner control again

Where are we today ? 
clic a out to enlarge it
       A bit warmer last night but we good with the bedroom windows open and the fantastic fan pulling in a nice cool outside temperature. After a late dart night slept in until 6 am. Enjoying this warm weather and another hot one we will have today.
     Did get a few nice walkabouts  before it got too warm then puttered around for a bit. Washed the bugs off the front of our coach and gave it another coat of wax. Then polished the headlights on our car and coach again, just because I can and only takes a few minutes anyway.
right side almost done left side next 
this works really well , Walmart in the states
only 10 bucks
just like new again
         This taken care of, I walked over to visit a fellow camper here, Connie. She is not getting all the channels on her Shaw satellite dish. I check things out and looks like a tree branch has grown and is in the way. So I temporarily moved the dish and wow much better reception and most of her channels have returned. Darn trees keep growing and get in the way ! She happy and me happy solving this problem. I do love to solve these problems if I can.
      Then we enjoyed a light tasty lunch. Another walkabout and started another book, Getting pretty warm so not much physical activity this afternoon.
getting warmer so a reading in the shade works for us
feeling like 100 F soon
I read this short book in about an hour and always enjoy her books.
      A bit later thought maybe turn on our air conditioner. OOPs once again the thermostat is not working.  We have had this problem a few times over the years, and I know an easy fix. To repair the whole system is well over a thousand dollars, but this works just fine .
     Nothing worked the way it was supposed to to, so I take it apart and spray it with electronic cleaner , let it sit for an hour or so and put it back together. So far this this has been working for the last 10 years.
take it apart 
spray the controls with this does the trick
    While waiting for this to work back outside in the shade and read some more. Pretty nice out here in the shade with a light breeze .
another Karen Slaughter book this be a full novel
yup this is the life
Suzie sitting back there, more shade and more breeze
5:30 pm still hot and now the A/C is working again
       Soon time to begin supper , so I preheat our Weber Q 100 , and whip up a salad. I put these mediterrain kabobs on our grill mat . Picked up a package yesterday for $3;99 thought there was 2 but ended up there was 3. Ok we will have leftovers .
not long and these were done to perfection
very tasty with our salad works for us and yup I only ate one.
lunch tomorrow
     Dishes done and back outside in the shade enjoying this wonderful peaceful campground, Finish this posting out here and read bit more before heading inside for the night. Our A/C is working fine still, so will be quite comfy inside for tonight,
   Thanks for stopping by for a peek and hope y'all enjoyed your day as well.
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Where have we been this summer?


  1. LOL - I didn't know Karin Slaughter could write anything that I could read in less than a week! The headlights look great, it's time to do mine again too. I'll have to look for the Turtle Wax it seems it worked for you fairly quickly

    1. It was a great short story that I enjoyed , I have a few of them from different authors as well. A nice quick read. I have used this Turtle wax kit a few times, and find it very quick and easy to use very reasonable too.

  2. Hey Kids..Can you fill me in on the grill mat you use?..I figure you probably explained it sometime in the past, just thought I'd ask before looking into the past.

    1. Sure David, we bought this at our local flea Market it is the Miracle Grill mat as seen on tv. Will withstand temperature up to 500 degrees, You can cut it to size is dish washer safe, nothing sticks to it. 2 mats for $20.00 I now Walmart did carry them. I now there is a love of different ones out there but we have good luck with this one. really like it. for cooking small items, our when using BBQ sauce, eggs etc... I don't use it for burgers or steaks much though. Works great for boneless chicken and pork that are very lean.

    2. Thanks George!..I have a favorite Walmart in Chelan..Wa..All..well, there is one unpleasant woman there..are the best folks in the world...
      I'll pick-up one b/4 my next trip next week, I hope...

    3. I am the dishwasher...Don't have that to worry about...(:+)..

    4. Our dishwasher is either me or Suzie, but does clean up nicely, usually just a wipe if rinse it right away is better.

  3. Wow - at 96F, you're hotter than we are at 92

  4. I always thought how nice it would be to have a fan outside pointed right at me. Just need an extension cord and I bet it would be even cooler.

    1. A fan outside does make a nice breeze, we use ours in the very hot weather.

  5. You are Mr.Fixit. How often do you have to restore the car lens? Also have you ever used it on the RV?


    1. I like to fix things , the car lens about 2-3 times a year but this time I put a sealer on it supposed to last longer so we will see. I usually do the rv lights at the same time but they do not get too bad and only take a couple of minutes. Did them too. cheap easy fix in a few minutes.


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