Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Sunday, July 08, 2018

A relaxing Sunday with more warm sunny weather, but much less humidity, more lawn mowing and a couple of dips in the pool.

Where are we today ? 
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      Cooler and comfortable for sleeping and only 48F at 5 am when I got up. But shortly the sun came out and warmed every thing back up again. Supposed to be in the mid 80's with low humidity today and very little breeze.  
     I did get a nice walkabout town for a couple of miles and ran into a few more people I know and have not seen for a while. Nice to stop and chat for a bit catching up again.
      Back home I did get a few minor things taken care of and some reading for a bit then a tasty light lunch.
      John had sharpened the blades on the mower yesterday so I hopped on it and got the front yard and around the pool trimmed nicely. Looks much nicer now, much better with the sharpened blades. An hour plus and we good to go.
lawn looks better now
     On my way back from storing the mower in the shed I stopped a few times and picked some more wild blackberries. Very tasty so abundant and the best part, free for the picking.
good for a few more days
     Now to relax in the shade, with alight breeze and enjoy some more reading.
I started this book yesterday I got from my son. very interesting read.
a lot to absorb.
    Half way through this book above I decided to take a break for a bit and let a lot of this info sink in.  Plus it is a hard cover book much heavier to hold than my Kobo -e-reader.
a very inspiring read, lots of great info
      While my brain is absorbing all that info  I took a break and started another Blake Pierce novel with Avery Black book number 5 in this1 series. And also too a few minutes to secure a few things and check our tire pressures before we  hit the road in the morning. Been here a week gotta go again ! That hitch itch never stops.
 this is last in this series, but he has many more
e books we will be looking into.
     After mowing the lawn I took quick dip n the pool then a bit later I joined Suzie about 3 pm she wanted to cool down as well.
      One thing we really enjoy about Plattsville is like most small rural towns, Summer weekends it is like a ghost town, most everyone has left town, for camping, cottages, to the beach or boating, making for some wonderful peaceful afternoons here.
That splash was me diving in  the pool
Suzie missed the shot
I came back up for air, nice and refreshed
      Back home to read for a while then preheat our Weber Q to do a couple of baked potatoes in foil. Found a prime rib steak in our freezer that I bought on sale a while ago, so that is on the menu tonight, We shared this tasty steak add a baked potato with sour cream, mushrooms and onions and of course our salad.
baked tater's, mushrooms and onions in  the large foil
oh such a tasty treat,
and of course leftovers
       After dishes done back outside to enjoy another wonderful warm evening, still in shorts and past 8 Pm. gotta be loving this weather.
        Finish this posting read a bit more then inside to call it a night. After a vey nice relaxing sunny Sunday.
      Glad that ya dropped on by for a peek and hope you had a wonderful Sunday as well.

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Where have we been this summer?


  1. Sharpening the mower blades may have helped getting it looking good. Your hot weather has moved west! Outside of Borrego Springs hit 126F the other day, setting a new record. Not so bad on the beach, or in the movie theater! For a bit of income have you considered advertising on your blog?

    1. The sharp blades sure made a huge difference, cites pretty even now.
      Now that sure is hot weather, glad it does not get like that here.
      I tried the google ad sense years ago and was doing pretty good until they put a stop payment on the check, for a lot of advertising, pretty frustrating.

  2. I've seen several people in the blackberry patches along the roads here lately but we avoid them as we always get chiggers.

    1. No problem with chiggers here so we are good to go and enjoy them.

  3. WOW ... what a dinner!! That's such a great place to stay ... I don't know how you can stand an RV park after staying there.

    1. Thanks nancy dinner was excellent. We really enjoy staying here, so peaceful, the park is our membership one full hookups with no overnight fees and some pretty night people and facilities.

  4. What a beautiful day! The pool looks so inviting and even better no one there but you and Suzie! Gotta say that dinner looks awesome! Love onions and mushrooms and baked potato!

    1. The pool is a real bonus for us. Dinner was awesome thanks, really hit the spot.

  5. The question is, did Suzie miss the shot or did you jump too fast? :)

    1. I thought she was ready so I drove in, so I guess she missed it? I could have done done it again but she did not care. So we just swam around and enjoyed the pool.


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