Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Keady Farmers Market, Grandson at the Moto Cross Camp, and fun with our friends. what's not to love?

Where are we today ? 
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 Slept in again this morning! after 6 am , wow ! About 7:30 I headed out for a nice country walkabout and ran into Patsy on her way back home. Such a beautiful day it is going to be.
hey Patsy, good morning
      About 8:30 this morning Bill and Pasty, took Rob and Pat in their car and we followed them in our car with George and Rose to the Tuesday farmers Market and stock yards in Keady. About 40 minutes away. We were here last year and a few times many years ago. Always a great market.
very small village in the middle of Ontario farm country
     We parked in a huge field and walked the market. The 8 of us split up and agreed to meet back at this entrance in 2 hours (11:30).
Rose and George ahead of us
     Now we wandered, check out things  not much we need other than consumables, but always enjoy great farmers markets.
playground for the kids
    And so many vendors with wonderful fresh local produce , this is Southern Ontario farm country so their should be.
fresh field Beef steak tomatoes, we got 4 large ones for $3.00.
cured and smoked sausage
our favourite hat vendor we see at , Grand Bend, St, Jacobs, here and Zurich markets
have bought many hats from him over the years
so much fresh produce is amazing
perfect weather for a Tuesday market,
lots of people always here

fresh corn $4.00 for 13
pony rides for the kids
quite a few mennonites here shopping and vending
even a few buskers
       About 10:40 Suzie was hungry, no breakfast, So we bought some sausage rolls and split an order of fresh  cut fries.
this is a busy spot but they are quick and good fries
sausage rolls and fries we split, did the trick
    Also ran into Bill, Patsy , Rob, Pat, George and Rose about the same time we carried on a bit more.
these buskers on a short break, she is petting her pet bunny
truck loads of fresh corn here
these guys playing now and do a fantastic show
kettle corn party size !
       On the way back from the Keady Market we stopped by the Moto Cross park near Chatswiorth Ontario , the link for this facility is HERE ,  Where our grandson (number 4) is for a week. Training at the camp and having the time of his life. Non stop activities . His birthday was yesterday just turned 11 years old and is an amazing young guys that love his sports and action of all kinds AND does very well at all of them.
we watched the track for a while
of course we can't see him with all his gear
this is where they stop for lunch
      But they stopped for lunch at noon and we were just in time, He found us!
his ride for the week
always love his smile
      He spotted us came over for a hug, and a much older fellow rider told us that he sure is an amazing rider, ready to move on only his second day here.
it was so nice to be able to see him here,
not far from our place at Bill and Patsy,s  in Durham
a nice country drive back to the ridge
we bought these huge tomatoes and sweet cherries
        It was a quiet afternoon as everyone relaxed after our busy morning excursion at the market. Then a bit of a Happy hour chatting and comparing notes.
the Kings thrones, King William and prince Robert
       Chatting for awhile glad it was not to hot and sunny, quite a warm summer day.
Good friends George and Rose
         Soon  time for supper, griledl a couple of cobs of corn and reheat 2 leftover hamburgers on our Weber Q. They are cooked so just heated up in foil for a bit with some BBQ sauce, very moist and tasty.
2 english muffins warming in the front and burgers is the back
this sure did the trick tonight, all that we needed
         After supper outside this quiet place here at the Ridge, finish posting this blog read for a bit and soon call it a night.
         Thanks for taking the time to stop on by and hope your day was a fun one as well.

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  1. That's a great smile your grandson has!

    1. Thanks he sure does love his sports, and a wonderful young man he is.

  2. Thanks for the colourful pictures of the market. Everything looked so fresh on the produce tables. Have fun at the gathering at the "Ridge"

    1. This is another wonderful market lots of fresh produce there a very nice outing. And we are enjoying our time here at the Ridge.

  3. It was a fun day at Keady and the Ridge. Once or twice a year is enough for us!
    Nice that you got to see Grandson #4 in an environment he loves.

    1. Yes Patsy it sure was a fun day, not much changes but a nice outing it was.
      So glad that we could stop by and see him doing something he loves.

  4. Now that was a great farmers market. How fun to see your grandson ride. Looks like he loves it!!!

    1. It is a great farmers market the kind we enjoy.
      Sure was nice to see him in his element too.

  5. That has to be best market I've seen!, nothing like that in SoCal. Motocross what a fun way from your grandson to ride. No good farmers markets, but we have lots of good trails he would enjoy

    1. Too bad that you don't have any good markets like this, they are so nice to explore.
      Moto cross is so much fun, I did that over 55 years ago and had a ball !
      Trails to explore are always fun.

  6. What a great day! WE used to have a farmers market once a week here in Yerington, but this year they didn't do it, not sure why. Grandson #4 has the best smile! How cool he's ready to move up! Gotta love that hair, reminds me of my grandson Mason's hair! Ours have dirt bikes too and they love them. Happy hour looks wonderful as always and so did your dinner! Fresh corn! Those huge tomatoes make me want a tomato with mayo on white bread!! YUM.

    1. It was a perfect day, we all enjoyed it, He does have a wonderful smile and such great kid, I love his hair too, but he is always changing it..
      Nothing quite like a fresh tomato sandwich, one large think slice covers a hols picts of bread..

  7. Great market pictures, you captured lots of the action. Beautiful day. Gord.

    1. Yes Gord it is a great market and a perfect day for it as well.

  8. Looks like your grandson is growing taller quickly, soon he'll catch up to you. Great smiles you both have.

    1. Yes he is growing and only just turned 11, he does have a great smile.


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