Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Monday, July 30, 2018

Wonderful weather, more friends arrived and a Crokinole tournament

Where are we today ? 
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       A perfect cool night for sleeping 48F at 6 am. Up and at it gotta get this day underway. Why?  Just because I can, the sun is shining and the weather perfect !
     Headed on  out for my first walkabout for about 2 miles in feels great, ready for the day now !
nice quiet walk down the country roads
         Back home and  Clemson game to visit with Suzie for a bit and sniff around.
      Then I ask  Bill if he wanted me to mow some lawn for him, no problem , I do enjoy mowing other peoples lawns. So I hopped on their Cub Cadet and headed down the lane to cut the front yard. Nice easy cut and all done in 45 minutes.
they have a nice small rider does the job
down the lane to the front
this a nice area here
     Then after a light lunch I headed in to town for a few things,
nice 6 mile drive to Durham
     The plan was to pick up a pork loin roast on sale only $1;99 a pound but it was HUGE, Agreed to split it with Patsy and Bill. So I cut it in half and cut it up for them in chops and a roast.
this is our half, 4 boneless hopes and 3 pork roast not bad for $7.00 each.
lotsa good eating here for 7 bucks
Patsy Reading in the shade
Suzie reading in the shade
      Now we have a Crokinole board that Suzie's Dad custom made with a Lazy Susan on the bottom and 4 sticks (like Pool Cues) for shooting the buttons on the board, (easier and less painful than using you fingers).
Rob and I practicing
       Then we got Suzie and Patsy into the fun so we had teams. Lotsa laughs and fun games we enjoyed. Perfect weather for it as well.
we having too much fun
Rob planning his strategy 
     Then we heard a plane buzzing around overhead. Looks like Bill got one of his planes out to fly, perfect weather for it. He was having fun too. So we watched his fancy moves for a while.
plane is in the air
coming in for a landing
taxiing to the hanger
this be the hanger,
Bill has some very nice planes he has built
      Now we all together so decided a few pics needed.
Bill and Me
me and Rob
the 3 musketeers 
Suzie, Pat and Patsy,
3 beautiful ladies
hmm.... looks like they could be trouble
back to Crokinole Patsy my partner, we won again
time to relax a bit for Happy hour, Bill set up their
 sunshade it was a pretty hot out in the sun
    A bit later good friends to all of us, George and Roseanne arrived with their motorhome and got set up, lotsa room here for friends.
George just getting parked
      Now this quiet spot on the ridge is beginning to look like a busy campground.
all 4 rigs here with still plenty of room
George and Roseanne
      A bit later time to whip up supper, I made a salad, and grilled 2 cobs of corn gifted from Rob and Pat to grill on or Weber Q with a Turkey breast.
about 45 minutes later done to perfection
what a tasty meal we enjoyed, and yup leftover
turkey is always good for lunches/
       After supper we joined our friends for a while around a campfire and got caught up exchanging stories and have in few laughs.
our group is expanding
a great fire to enjoy
        About 8:45 I was getting chilling and had a long day so headed inside after grabbing a shot of this wonderful sunset we enjoyed tonight.
almost an Arizona sunset 
      We did enjoy a fun busy day wth good friends, playing games and enjoying each other's company , does not get much better that this.
      Thanks for dropping by for a peak and hope y'all have a great day as well.
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click this link for a tour 
 Where have we been this summer?


  1. Looks like you had a really fun day, I like to buy pork loins when they go on sale as well.

    1. It sure was a fun day and love the pro loins too.

  2. Those planes are SO cool!! I've never heard of that game you're playing. How does it work? Beautiful weather you are having. It finally got all the way down to 75 last night in Tucson!!!

    1. They sure are cool planes Bill has been building and flying for a very long time.. Crokinole was develop in sou'wester Ontario in 1876 and has been a family favourite for years, most of us as kids and even adults have played this game for years.
      Yes the weather is amazing. 60 f overnight here.

  3. I have not heard of Crokinole before, looks like fun! And Suzi's dad sure made a nice looking one, putting it on top of a Lazy Susan - genius!

    1. It is a fun board game invented here in southwest Ontario 1876.
      The lazy Suzan and sticks make it even more fun.

  4. "The Ridge" sure is a nice property. Good fun with friends.

    1. They do have a beautiful property here, and fun to enjoy it with our friends as well.

  5. This is interesting. Never seen a Crokinole board before.
    Like that last picture......

    1. The Crokinole is a fun family game we grew up with. The sunset was excellent thanks.

  6. What great times we have when we all get together! It was a wonderful day. Loved the crokinole fun and watching Bill fly his plane too.

    1. We always have fun time together and the weather has been perfect.
      It was a perfect day and a few more to come.

  7. We are really interested in the Crokinole board. Is Suzie's dad interested in selling us one? We could meet up with you in Arizona this winter.

    1. Her Dad is not making them any more, he got rid of the jigs he made. Sorry Dan.
      You can buy some on line I believe. You can look us up when we get to Arizona though.


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