Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Very comfortable day after our anniversary celebrations, and a peaceful relaxing day well deserved.

Where are we today ? 
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     Here we go again after a fun day celebrating our anniversary yesterday we had a great sleep and slept in until 6 am ! Wow sure was late for me.
     But another perfect day about 60F at that time and with the sunrising warmed up by 7 am into the 70's F with next to no humidity. loving it. Did get a few walkabouts for a while enjoying this wonderful weather. Then again a quick trip to Forest for a few supplies and today is seniors day! we get a discount , gotta love a discount !
     After a light lunch I got to read for a bit then on the roof to waterproof the cable connection  for our tv connection I repaired a week or so ago,. Our tv antenna is now working again! Bonus, we don't use it much but nice to have for an overnight stop our when we want to watch local weather. Also found couple of spots that need some more caulking , so took care of that as well.
      Below is a couple of shots from our roof viewing the quiet campground around us. love it when it is like this !
no one beside us 
what a wonderful day !
clear blue cloudless skies just the way we love it
     Couple more walkabouts and enjoyed our e-readers until 3 pm, then a happy hour evolves as usual. Gerry and Tucker drop by for  bit and Suzie got her doggie fix, then Gerry got called to work for a tour. No problem we can read for a while, He returned along with Tucker and Melinda, so we again shared more tips and a few laughs, until they headed home for supper. It was much quieter happy hour then yesterday but fun nonetheless.
Tucker hopped on his chair looking for Suzie
he is watching the door for her to return
     Of course she returns with a treat for him and being a good boy did get his treats when told it was ok.
not yet
OK now !
      After they headed home I whipped up a small salad and reheated some of yesterdays left over lunch. The pasta Suzie had with shrimps and sea scallops, a chicken leg and veggies, we had another feast.
this sure hit the spot and still more leftovers
     Supper done. dishes done now back outside to enjoy our wonderful weather, finish this  posting and dive right back into our page turners.       
a  nice view, newly stained siding on the cabin (thanks Gerry)
and a comfortable warm evening breeze, no bugs again
     No complaints here at all after a buys fun day yesterday nice to enjoy a quiet honeymoon day today.
     Thanks for dropping on by and hope your day was as wonderful as ours was.
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Where have we been this summer?


  1. Now that is a comfy day! Glad to hear the weather is getting back to more normal. A 'Happy Hour' with Tucker is makes for a fun gathering. Nice views from atop the RV.

    1. Yes Jeff it sure was a comfy day and we enjoyed the quiet times and milder weather but still nice and sunny. Happy hour with Tucker is always fun, Always nice views from "up on the roof "

  2. Looks like a great quiet day.

  3. Tucker has Suzie right where he wants her. He's a sweety and the pets are worth it!!

    1. Yes he sure does, and she treats him well, just because he is a sweety .


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