Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Saturday, July 28, 2018

Plattsville to Durham a nice back country drive and hang out with good friends

Where are we today ? 
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   After last nights rain it cooled down and we had some sunshine to begin our last morning here in Plattsville. Got some coffee and computing done and even a a nice walkabout town. Then back home we secured our coach, hooked up the car and headed on out to Durham Ontario close to 9:30.
     Strange weather,  we had sunshine, rain, drizzle, sunshine, rain, sunshine, wet roads and dry roads. No traffic though other than lots of Mennonites on the side of the road in their various horse and buggy combinations, most are very unique.
love these quiet country roads
Mennonite limo we passed
this be a mennonite 2 seater sports buggy
     Heading into Durham spotted the Giants chair on the roadside. Giant not here.
did not see the giant though
          We arrived at The Ridge, Bill (On Our Way) and Patsy's (Chilling with Patsy) a beautiful landscaped and decorated summer place they enjoy, shortly after 11 am. Good friends and fellow full-time river's. Always fun to visit with these guys, we were here last summer and have spent some time together at Rock Glen Resort as well as some fun desert times together in the southwest desert.
      Also here was our good mutual friends Rob and Pat, who we have camped with for quite a few years over many states from Florida, Texas, Arizona and places in between.
pulling in the laneway a truck was there unloading
lumber so I waited for him to leave
now clear sailing right to the place where we can park
       After dumping our sewage at their dump station we good to go.  
       We pulled in and got all set up, had a bite to eat for lunch chatted with Bill and Patsy and watched the guys working on a new shed/workshop for Bill. They are making good progress even with the off and on again light drizzle. We even got to sit outside for a while, read a bit, Clemson came to visit a few times as well.

Bill Hard at work
     Clemson spotted us here and came or to investigate . sniffing around.
he got on Suzie's knee that he likes to do
even gives her a nice kiss what a sweetie he is
the guys are making progress with the shed
this be the entrance 
here we are all comfy and lotsa room
      I wandered around for a while and checked out Patsy's garden all is looking so beautiful.
          Shortly after 4 pm our good friends Rob and Pat came back to their trailer right beside us. We created then and got together  for a fun Happy Hour, with them along will Bill and Patsy..
happy hour fun flapping out gums
now this is an awesome fresh tomato from Patsy's Garden
   Then the to whip up supper , tonight grilled a couple of bone in pork chops, to go with our salad.
not long tasty and moist
did the trick tonight for a quick meal
     Supper done and dishes done we joined Bill, Patsy, Rob and Pat by a wonderful campfire, It was actually a very mild night and the rain had stopped.
the have a nice fire pit
again more stories told and a few laughs as usual
Then a nice sunset, soon the to call it a night
   About 9:30 we headed back home  just to kick back relax and call it  night.
   Thanks for dropping on by, nice to have you take a peek at out full-time lifestyle.
76 miles today
Want to learn more about Membership camping at Rock Glen Family Resort ? 
click this link for a tour 
 Where have we been this summer?


  1. Nice set up they have there. Enjoy your stay

    1. Thanks JO we will,
      It is a very nice spot that they have.we will enjoy our time here with good friends.

  2. That tomato looks perfect - real vine ripened cannot be beat.

    1. Yes Larry is does look perfect and tastes even better !

  3. So happy that you could come back for another stay at the Ridge. Our door/gate is always open to you!
    It was a good day despite the off and on drizzle. :)

    1. Hey Patsy thank you so much for the invite to your beautiful Ridge, always enjoy your company no matter what the weather.

  4. Ha!! Just in time to wield a hammer on the shed project!!! Give Clemson a treat for me!! How fun to be with friends.

    1. They had lotsa help there did not want to get in the way, they were doing just fine.
      We have trees here he will get some for sure.

  5. You have a great camping spot there with some good friends. Nice drive on the two lane roads is always more enjoyable then the rush of the freeway. A beauty of a tomato fresh from the garden ... hard to beat that!

    1. They do have a wonderful spot here and fun with friends again.
      Love the back country roads around here so scenic. peaceful and relaxing.
      Nothing quite like fresh from the garden tomatoes either .

  6. That's a great camping spot you have there! Happy Hour looked like fun with you guys as always! The fire looked awesome and so did your dinner. Have fun and enjoy your time at the Ridge!

    1. We enjoy visiting here and enjoying Happy hour with our good friends. Dinner was tasty and the campfire a nice treat as well.


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