Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Thursday, July 05, 2018

Very hot again but cooled down nicely later on today

Where are we today ? 
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   Cooled down nicely last night but then this morning the heat came back with a vengeance. A very short walkabout this morning then  headed to Pettigrew's Garage in town to get our car serviced at 8 am. Oil and filter and check everything over, Looks like it will be good to go for a while longer.
    This was all done by 8:20 am so I headed into New Hamburg back to Hemmerich Hearing Centres  to get a quick fix for my new hearing aides, mainly my tv streamer. A few minutes later was fixed up and working just like it should. Love this Tv wireless  streamer takes the sound from the Tv. right to my hearing aides and I can adjust the volume just for me, Suzie can adjust her own.
              Back home just after 9 am, chat with Suzie for a bit then she heads back to New Hamburg to take her Dad for a doctors check up in Waterloo. When they go there he takes her out for lunch. Hey they went to KFC snd brought me home a nice treat. Some tasty KFC. Thanks Suzie and Levi It was a wonderful treat and so tasty, 2 lunches for me.
        While they were gone I grabbed a container and headed back to pick some wild blackberries. Noiced the bushes the other day when mowing the lawn so thought I would grab some, Just because they are here, free and so very tasty.
one of many bushes here
the black ones are ripe and so tasty
15 minutes I have picked more than a quart that we will enjoy
maybe get some more in a couple of days
    Now back home by 11:am  humidex says  106 F it is so very hot so a dip in the pool to cool down was in order.    
yup this is very hot again
    I must have drank over 2 quarts (2 litres) of water and still needed more, Another cooling dip in the pool helped.
     Then Suzie arrived with some KFC for for my lunch about 1 pm yummy! Will have more for tomorrow.
     She rested a while then another dip in the pool to cool us down before the rain begins at 3:20 pm and it was right on time, And when the rain came it cooled right down from 88F to 78 F in minutes, This feels much better hess humidity too. 78F feels like 78F not 100 plus F.
missing this willow tree behind us that gave us afternoon shade.
         After our large lunch we did not need a much for supper tonight so on the menu was a grilled cheese with tomatoes and onions , dill pickle on the side and of course Ketchup. This is about the only time I use Ketchup is with a grilled cheese! Or maybe in a sauce or something like that.
tasty, grilled cheese, dill pickles, ketchup
 and fresh blackberrys did the trick today.
      That was another fun day here at camp awesome getting things done and enjoying this very hot weather, and a  much cooler night.
        Glad that you dropped on by and enjoyed our day right along with us.
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Where have we been this summer?


  1. you accomplished a few things today.
    nice to get things looked after and a berry reward.
    Relief after the rain feels nice.

  2. The blackberries look delish! Brings back memories of the many times we were able to do so as kids, only a few places in SoCal where they can be found. Hope those thunderstorms break that humidity for the you.

  3. The fresh blackberries are something I also miss from years pasted. We hit 111 today.

  4. 86 feels like 106? WOW!! Is it the humidity? I think I'd just STAY in the pool. LOVE love those blackberries.

  5. Love the blackberries, maybe a little vanilla ice cream with them too! lol..Nice you have the pool to help out with the heat and glad it cooled down some for ya. Love some KFC once in awhile. Grilled cheese is so simple yet so awesome!


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