Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Monday, July 23, 2018

Warm , sunny and no rain, perfect for some lawn mowing and relaxing outside. and Update from the Fury Gnome.

Where are we today ? 
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      Just a bit of light rain last night was perfect for sleeping with our windows open. And enjoyed a pretty nice sunrise right out our dining room window just after 6 am, perfect!
    Shortly after 7 am I did a very nice walkabout town, got a couple of miles in on my new shoes, they are wonderful, Then around 8:30 a quick trip to New Hamburg. Grocery store, health food store and drop off a bag of old clothes and shoes at the thrift store, purging needs to be done when we buy new clothes living in a small space.
 nice sunrise here this morning 
    Then down River road for a walkabout town, always nice and peaceful here.
River road
        Then into New Hamburg a nice sunning day and the fields populated with lots of huge round bales.
loots like a gathering in the fields
       Back home and shortly we enjoyed a light tasty lunch, Then because it was such a wonderful day, I walked back and hopped on the mower to mow some lawn for a couple of hours. It's been a while.
not too long but needs to be cut. as usual the weeds
 longer than the grass in most places.
our coach at the front of the lot,
tiny white spot  by the big tree in the centre
    Ok a couple hours is enough in this heat,  so called it quits about 2:30 . While I was mowing the lawn Suzie hoped in the car and visited with her Dad in New Hamburg helping him out with a few minor computer issues.
I  mowed from here to that big tree just to the left of centre
round and around easy going Only about 90 minutes left to finish the front
maybe Friday.
today's weather but now rain yet a 7:30 pm
      Suzie was back in time for our Happy Hour, chat about our day and got some quality reading time here in the shade with a nice breeze.
love the quiet views here
no neighbours
reading in the shade while our chicken cooks
     Picked up a nice 4 lb chicken the other day on sale for 4 bucks. sure can't turn that down , and we do love our chicken.
not long it was done perfectly about 80 minutes today.
then because we like this sauce for dipping our chicken in
 I made up a small bowl
BBQ chicken and a tasty salad
sure did the trick
     Now that was a very nice day and so far no rain as predicted, and we can enjoy sitting outside, finish this posting and get right back into our page turners for a while.
     Glad that y'all took the time to drop by and I sure hope you had great day as well.
     Now if your have read the Blog Seasons in the Valley. Stew has just posted an update on what actually happened to him, What an amazing story and so glad that he is coming around again. Will never be 100% but do love reading his postings, and having me Him the Fury Gnome and his wife last summer makes this much closer to home. Our Prayers are still with you Stew and the Mrs.
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Where have we been this summer?


  1. Another great day in paradise. What more can we ask for?

    1. It was a wonderful day , no complaints here at all.

  2. The above average rain in our area is making for a good hay year for the farmers, so lots of bails in fields.

    1. Withe rain coming back again here better crops now.

  3. Nice favorite part of the day. Nothing better than chicken in my opinion and yours always looks so good!

    1. My favourite part of the day as well.
      We do love our chicken and number one favourite of ours as well.

  4. I took the easy way out and bought a cooked chicken. What a disappointment. I barely got enough meat for one sandwich. It's back to the bbq for me!!! Yours, as always, looks amazing. For me, there's nothing more fun than riding a piece of equipment doing anything ... even mowing the lawn. I know you had fun, even if it was hot.

    1. The cooked chickens here are very small and about $11.00 so much better to cook my own.
      Same here any equipment is fun to drive even mowing lawn .
      For many years I drove forklift was the perfect job for me.


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