Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Friday, August 19, 2016

Steam Thrashers show in Forest Ontario.

Where are we today ?
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         A great sleep again last night windows open and very comfortable. Got  a few nice early morning walkabouts done, so very nice and quiet, just love this time of day.
         Then laundry day so Suzie sorts it and I can walk across from us and get our 2 loads done before time for a nice light lunch.
         Just before 1 pm we hopped in the car to check out the Steam Threshers 59th annual steam show in Forest not to far from here, about 10 minutes away, click HERE  for the link. This is a farm show with lots going on but mostly on Saturday and Sunday. Admission today is only 5 dollars per person. The weekend 20 dollars per person each day. I wanted to check it out today and even Suzie agreed to go along as well.
        This is  a steam tractor with lots of tractors and steam engines plus vendors etc.. Small town stuff. But really was not too bad considering. Lots of different machinery, and things I was interested in even though I am not a farmer. Plus there was other things to see on a small town scale.
       As we headed out of town a bunch of farm tractors gathered at the restaurant around the corner and they were all heading out down the road to Forest for the show, So we followed a few for a while and let them take their time down the highway.
heading down the road
 about 10 miles to Forest
     We arrived and parked the car then wandered about the grounds, perfect sunny summer day to check this out and no crowds, just the way we like it. Lots of old tractors, steam engines and a few cars as well.
a 2 seater mini tractor
lots of very nice farm toys for sale.
$45. to $100 dollars
    Then a vendor outside with these interesting Sundae cones, time for a treat !
made right here, sure hit the spot
on a hot sunny day
Wooden Roses,
$1.00 each
Suzie still has some I bought for her
years ago
      I checked out quite a few old tractors and steam engines, but not for too long need to keep up with Suzie.
And of course, Tim Horton's Coffee here
this is Canada after all
wagon tours around
as well
interesting tractor
         This huge steam engine below was chugging away very impressive.
This sled here for tractor pulls tonight
this was fire up ready to roll
slow and easy
                We home around 3 pm time to preheat our Weber Q for 15 minutes on high while I prepped a nice chicken I bought on sale.
our trusty Weber Q
just over an hour, low and slow, lid closed, no
 peaking until 185f internal temp
      Added to our salad and was wonderful, we do love our chicken! And of course lots of leftovers and chicken soup in the making tomorrow.
       Just another fun day checking out the local stuff and relaxing in the shade with our e-readers, listening to the loud crickets in the area. Fall is on its way but hopefully not too soon for my liking.
      Thanks once again for the visit, y'all come back now.

Check out the interactive map below to see where we have been this summer


  1. Love watching these old units. We go to the harvest festival at the Reynold's Museum at Wetaskiwin Alberta each fall, always slightly amazed how the old steam units are so quiet even when at full output. Makes a good outing if you go early enough.

    1. These are always fun, something for everyone.
      We enjoyed it too, it was a nice day because the crowds were not there yet.

  2. I think everyone we know is drawn to displays like that. For me, I liked the Sundae Cone best. :)

    1. I enjoyed all the machinery and Suzie same as you enjoyed the sundae cone .

  3. Fantastic small-town display. Love to see that kind of old machinery.

    1. I really enjoyed seeing all the old machinery, Suzie enjoyed the ice cream sundae, it was fun.

  4. I am sending your post to my dad. He grew up on a farm and would love this post. Thanks for showing so many photos. He will love it.

    1. Thanks for sharing it was a great display of the old working machinery.

  5. Did Tim Horton use the steam from those tractors to heat up his coffee? ;c)

  6. Our local parades always have many vintage tractors in them but none old enough to have metal wheels.

    1. Don't think they want the metal wheels on the pavement might kinda wreck the roads I think.

  7. Love those old machines as much as modern robotics, I can look at them for hours...
    Nice ice cream cone!

  8. Most interesting seeing those old machines. That mini red 2 seater almost looks like the precursor to the golf cart.

    1. It was a fun outing and I agree with with you about the golf cart.


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