Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Roof vent cleaning, checking out the Lift Locks and enjoying some amazing summer weather

Where are we today ?
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      A sunny warm morning as the sunrises at 5:10 am such a wonderful time of the day. A few walkabouts the peaceful campground temps close to 70f. Eventually up to 85f before noon.
      Then a project I have been waiting for the right time to do. Got an early start and removed our 3 roof vent covers. Wiped off the desert dust under them and clean all the vents. Removed the fantastic vent fan from above, An easy process just by removing the 4 screws that hold the fan in place and using a 3/32,  9 inch  T- bar allen key to loosen the blades from the shaft.
very dirty
lotsa dirt here
here too
fantastic fan dirty too
easy removal, the wash it
much cleaner now
reinstalling a very clean fan
        All the vent covers on the ground to give a good cleaning, touched up some caulking around the vents with Dicor self levelling caulk. Washed the fan blades in the sink and reinstalled the fan and the covers, shiny and just like new again. For detailed instructions here is a PDF with detailed instructions and pictures. Click HERE.
           Then with the fan, and vents all spiffy I reinstalled it all and looks so nice and clean again, good until next year, or maybe sooner.
they much cleaner now
          While  I was working on the vents, my chicken carcass from last night was simmering getting all the flavor and goodness out of it for a couple hours.  About 10:30 I strained the broth and added onions, garlic, mushrooms, celery, carrots, broccoli, spices, couple bay leaves, broad egg noodles and a bit more chicken. Then simmer away until time for lunch about 11:30. Sure hit the spot again.
           Done my puttering around by 2 o'clock now to relax in the shade and enjoy our e-readers. As well as a soak in the hot tub and swim in the pool, between the crowds = love it. There for 15 minutes, peace and quiet.
          More reading and relaxing after my swim, (love this summer weather) Then once again time for supper. I ready to cook again..
so quiet here right now and the pool is just the right temp
hot tub is hot!
          Fired up out Weber Q 100 and heated up our cast iron fry pan. While this is happening I whipped up a green salad, then pan fried a couple cod fillets coated in our favorite Fish Crisp seasoning.
nice peaceful view  
only a few minutes per side and the fish is wonderful

oh so tasty
A few pics from yesterday.

      I did not go anywhere today but took a few pics yesterday in Buckhorn by the lift lock, number 31. I always enjoy watching the boats and Yachts that come through here, you can see them up real close.
       The Trent Severn Waterway is a 240 mile long canal from Lake Ontario to Lake Huron with 45 lift Locks, you can read about it HERE, very interesting. This one below in Buckhorn is Lock number 31. The one in yesterday's posting in Peterborough was Lock number 21.
in the lock ready to lower
all secured
boats moored for a picnic
going down
lower level of the lock
heading out
the lower lake
      That was our enjoyable day here with amazing weather here in The Kawarthas (cottage country in Ontario).
        Now just relaxing outside in the shade, enjoying the peace a quiet and a warm summer evening. Does it get much better than that? Not for us anyway. Hope y'all had a great day as well and thanks for stopping by.
        We actually enjoying the wonderful outside weather reading until 8:50 pm when a light rain started, guess that is our signal to head inside.
Check out the interactive map below to see where we have been this summer


  1. I'm gonna have to start calling you "Mr. Clean"! ;c)

    1. LOL,, At least I have hair.
      Our houses need to be washed occasionally, don't you wash yours?

  2. Pool looks loveley, especially when it is empty! You and Bill are a lot alike, keeping things clean on our homes. :) He does the outside and I do the inside.

    1. Love the pools when it is like this.
      Keeping our house clean, gives us a chance to inspect for damage as well.

  3. The pool and hot tub sure look inviting and CLEAN. Every time you post something like cleaning the roof vents, it gets me thinking if it's time for Denis to do the same. Good job.

    1. They are very clean and well maintained.
      There is always something to clean when an rv or a house.

  4. Those fantastic fans are a mess to keep clean. I wouldn't have them if we didn't need them but we do! Yours sure look spiffy now !

    1. Love our fantastic fan, and not really that hard to clean when done this way. Once it starts to get dirty, and quick clean and like new again, Ours is 17 years old.

  5. It's nice to get a project completed. We have one every week, be it inside or out in the garden. Dinner looks great as usual.

    1. It is nice to get things done, I do them when the weather is right and the spirit moves me, they all get done in good time.

  6. Loved seeing your tutorial on cleaning those fans... we have 2 in our rig and I usually climb up on the roof with a bucket of water and prepare for all kinds of body contortions to get them clean. I'm planning to use your method next time... thanks!

    1. Cleaning the fans this way is so much easier, and you get them spotless.
      They do get pretty dirty when you use them

  7. Thanks for the pdf on the fantastic fan. It will be helpful getting at ours.

    1. Your welcome Bill makes it so much easier to clean them.


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