Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Grand Bend Farmer's Market and another fun day.

Where are we today ?
clic on a pic to enlarge it
        Just another great day here, breakfast and coffees then the usual early morning walkabout about 7 am, chat with a few people here and there. Quite nice out but overcast.
        Then about 8:30 we hopped in the car headed to Grand Bend and check out the small Farmer's market there on Wednesday from June to October. Very warm for an overcast day but no rain yet. We picked up what we wanted at the market, fresh local strawberries, a small bag of scones and a loaf of fresh baked raisin bread that Suzie loves.
Grand Bend Main drag
lotsa goodies here
got the raisin bread here
Got our Strawberries here
Scone we  got here
         Then we headed around the corner down to the main beach. Pretty quiet here right now with be a ZOO in a week or so with the long weekend coming up July 1st, Canada Day !
nice and quiet just the way we like it 
the beach is deserted right now
the lake is so calm
cannot see Michigan from here
pavilion and washrooms
splash pad for the kids 
beach stage under construction
nice boardwalk along the beach 
       Below is a picture of Bonnie Doone Manor, seems like it has been here forever, love the colorful chairs. For their website click HERE
Bonnie Doone Manor
benches on the boardwalk 
this young lady looks like she is going for a swim 
fishing boat on the river 
Grand Bend Pier and lighthouse 
interesting boats on the river and docks 
huge houses on the river
       Below is what we picked up at the market, Raisin bread, scones and fresh local strawberries. The berries so tender juicy and sweet, love them.
         Now home for a light lunch, more walkabouts, putter around for a while then relax under our awning enjoying some wonderful reading time, A light rain that our awning takes care of and so peaceful other the birds chirping and the mourning doves cooing all around us. Gotta love it !
mostly overcast all day but very warm
         Then as the sun came out Tucker and his mum and  dad stopped by for a visit. Hey we having a happy hour .
doggie fix for Suzie
treat for Tucker, chicken
We flapped our gums and solved
more world problems.
      Then time for supper. I fired up our Weber Q to preheat while I whipped up a fresh green salad and a cored Apple (with cinnamon inside)  to throw on the grill with a small pork loin roast.
25 minutes done to perfection,
so moist and tender, low and slow
yummy, more leftovers works for us.
           Just another fun day, overcast but very warm sunshine in the evening and we are still outside reading and posting the blog. Sweat shirt but still in shorts and after 9 pm. No bugs here either, another reason we love it here. But heading on out in the morning, been here 2 weeks already and have that hitch itch, gotta go...
          Thank's for stopping in and hope y'all had a wonderful day as well.

Check out the interactive map below to see where we have been this summer


  1. Can't wait till strawberries are in season here. Shouldn't be long. We love grapes too. But they are still fairly high priced.

    1. The local strawberries are soo good, but twice the price of ones all the way from California, go figure.

  2. Strawberries are in season here... and very good! Love your market. That beach area looks so nice... my favorite photo was of the lighthouse.

    1. Nothing like fresh local berries and the local farmer's markets as well.
      Always love seeing that lighthouse, so many great memories of this area.

  3. What a neat little town, local strawberries are always the best!

    1. This is a fun tourist location on the beach, Ontario's west coast . Lake Huron.

  4. Grand Bend looks like a nice area. I'm guessing these strawberries are way better than the CA ones you posted about awhile back.

    1. It is a very nice area, right on Lake Huron one of the huge great lakes.
      The local berries are much nicer, sweeter and tender, but also more expensive. Worth it though.

  5. We picked up some fresh strawberries yesterday and they are so sweet and delicious. Okanagan cherries are also for sale but quite prcey. Must consider revisiting Ontario again. The town looks so nice..

    1. Nothing like shopping locally when we can. Local cherries here soon too.
      Lots of very nice small town in southern Ontario.

  6. Glad you're solving the world's problems, but you need to work faster, there's more popping up than you've solved! :cD

    Man those strawberries look great, I'm a strawberry lover.

    1. We can solve the problems, but nobody seems to listen to our solutions.
      These berries are awesome, such a treat after all the winter imported ones.

  7. we keep wanting to get some corn but we keep going north and the corn plants keep getting smaller

    1. Probably another month or so before you get fresh corn. The corn is just starting here.


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