Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Coach serviced, lawn mowing done, damp carpet issue resolved, and at the Edge for wing night..

Where are we today ?
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        This morning's view from our kitchen table was ? Hmmm mystical maybe? A mist over the yard as the sun was rising shortly after 5 am. Such a picturesque view, gotta have some coffees first soon time for a short walkabout in the quiet warm morning country air.
zoomed in
from the window
looking through the trees at our house
          7:30 its time to secure our coach to have it at Pettigrew's Garage in town before 8am, just 3 blocks away, for the 3 month physical, well actually an oil change, filter and, grease job plus have Dale check her all over real good like he always does. Looks like all systems are go again, (Nice to hear). Then we back and set up back at Camp Awesome before 9 o'clock.
         Did a quick trip to New Hamburg for a few last minute items we need locally before heading out tomorrow morning, got done what needed and that hitch itch is calling us again.
        After a bite for lunch I hopped on the mower to finish off the rest of the 5 acres of lawn here, Only took an hour.
will be good to go for a while, even
longer if this heat keeps up and no rain
        Lawn mowing done and still hot and sunny so a refreshing dip in the pool, read for a while in the shade. Another dip and read some more. It's a tough life this retirement thing, but we do manage to get by. Even thought I would start our blog early, because I have no supper to make tonight.

Water leak issue

        We have had a a bit an issue with a damp carpet in the left rear corner of our bedroom. Noticed it last winter when we were dry camping in the desert. Knew it was not a roof leak, because we never had any rain. It was not black or gray water (no smell) and it was so minor and happened infrequently. Well this spring I  have been checking , searchin our coach taking things apart trying to find the source. Tiny leak at the shower taps, (fixed that). Thinking if it is a fresh water leak our water pump would cycle occasionally. But that did not happen. And there is no water lines at all near the bedroom. I now know our coach inside and out, tearring cupboards and closets apart searching.
       Then one night in my sleep a lightbulb came on in my head! (Hey that's scary). I pulled  Suzie's bedroom drawer out when we were in the campground. The water appeared to be coming in from behind the electric panel. Our outside water fill hose is there but we rarely use it. When hooked up to campground water it is a simple process to turn this handle below and fill out fresh water tank.
      So just before we left Rock Glen I filled the tank watching all the time behind this cupboard. And low and behold, when the tank was full, water went up the outside filler as an overflow and a breather. But from inside I could see a few drops of water. Ah ha gotcha !
just turn this handle to fill our tank
outside water fill and breather
       I removed those 4 screws and pulled it out a bit and 2 hose clamps held the hose in place, each one needed about 1 and 1/2 turns to tighten!  Now our fresh water was filled, no more drips, and drove the 90 minutes here last Thursday. No damp carpet and no signs of water anywhere. Got my fingers crossed that hopefully we have solved another mysterious rv issue. It's not the first and will no doubt not be the last.
2 camps on the inside
       Now back to today. For supper our financial advisor is taking us out tonight and the Trail's Edge here in town he does that usually to update us on our investments and is nice to see him again and go over our funds. He has been doing this for us for about 25 years and does quite well with our funds. We not getting rich but at least holding our own. Besides it is wing night there tonight and I do so love their wings. So much for this healthy eating tonight, they do have good food and salads there but heck, we do that every day here at home.
We met at the Edge for 7:30
wings fries and Hell's Fire sauce on the side for me
I still needed my Habanero sauce, to spice it up a bit
Suzie Shrimp Po-Boy and salad
       After here he came to our place to go over our Portfolio and chat some more. Was a great meal and getting together once again. We not broke yet and that's a good thing.
     We been here a week already as of tomorrow, time to leave, we heading north east a bit to our Coast To Coast home park Galvin Bay Resort (Near Buckhorn) for a couple weeks, cottage country, love it there.
     Thanks again for stopping by again make sure y'all come back now, see what kinda trouble we getting into.

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  1. We're looking for a nice place to get away for a few days this summer. Are the sites at Gavin Bay large enough to accommodate a 40 foot fifth wheel??

    1. That depends on availability, most sites are pretty good.

  2. I'm glad you solved the water leak mystery. Have you considered becoming a private eye? LOL

    1. I am glad I found it too, sure had me stumped for a while.

  3. What a relief to discover the water leak wasn't really a big deal. Now that it's fixed you don't have to worry about it either.

    1. It is a relief, hopeful the problem is finally resolved.

  4. Seems like there is always something to do on a coach. That is some good looking pub grub

    1. Yes there sure is always something.
      All their food is excellent.

  5. I love seeing the morning mist!

    Glad you finally found and fixed your small leak. It would drive Kevin nuts as well, if he couldn't find a leak.

    1. The morning mist is so amazing.
      It was a lot of looking, really getting to know our coach inside out.

  6. Just like a boat, there's always something to fix. I too love pub grub.

    1. Yep try are , keep on repairing.
      Pub grub is a wonderful treat.


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