Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Sunday, June 12, 2016

From friends near Simcoe, to a the Stere reunion in Tavistock and back to Rock Glen Resort another fun day.

Where are we today ?
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         Much Cooler today than yesterday (almost cold) but sunny, only got into the low 60's F compared to the 90's yesterday. Up early this morning, enjoyed coffees and conversation with Chris and Bill on their nice and sunny warm patio. Catching up more just the 4 of us now.
nice a warm on the patio
      They have been having issues with the multitudes of chipmunks stealing the bird seed from all the bird feeders so he has been trapping them and moving them to another neigborhood bush a few miles away, the large population is now dwindling nicely and they will adapt. These two are moving today, more will follow.
       They have a huge garden here lotsa veggies planted and does very well huge rhubarb patch as well..
fruit trees at the far end
Apple trees, plum, pears, peaches etc.
        Below is a huge outdoor wood furnace that heats their 2400 square ft bungalow house quite comfortably all winter, they have an unlimited supply of firewood as well, 25 acres mostly bush here.  This outdoor Polar Furnace is a boiler that works efficiently and  does and excellent job. Click HERE  to read about it.
love this garden windmill
large raspberry patch 
The doggie playground, next to their
heated and airconditioned mansion.
           About 11 am we secured our coach and headed north the Tavistock and the yearly Stere reunion on Suzie's side. A nice country drive through Tillsonburg area that was tobacco country years ago, now mostly Ginseng.
Ginseng under the fields of black covers 
old tobacco dryers still here
         Many fields of wheat? (or whatever) blowing in the wind, reminds me of rolling swells on the ocean.
      Got to the Tavistock town Hall for the reunion about 12:30 for the descendants of Joseph Stere (Stiri) or (Steria). Attendance was down this year I counted only about 125 this year, some years well over 200.
        After announcements and grace an orderly line of people proceeded to sample all of the amazing foods on this potluck buffet. Just no way to sample everything. ( I tried!)
I attempted to sample it all, but not possible
      Then there was all the amazing desserts to enjoy as well, but appears I overdid the first course, so no dessert for me. But then I am not much of a desert person. My Seafood salad I made the other day was a huge hit, not much left to bring home, but no problem we can take care of that.
more dessert
         We won 2 prizes again this year,  Suzie got won a large bag of healthy trail mix, and I guessed the count on a jar of jelly beans (462). So now we have 2 treats, and large bag of healthy trail mix and 462 jelly beans (not so healthy) to enjoy.
our 2 prizes
     We both managed to chat with various people for a couple hours , then as everyone packed up and waddled home their separate ways we made our way back to Rock Glen Resort for a few more days.
Suzie, her Dad, and Keith Steria  from N.E
 New York State who has a sister
 in Phoenix AZ, that we will
 hook up with someday
        Now back to Rock Glen Resort by 4:30 then quickly hooked back up on our site here. Getting very cool now windy and only 50f, brr.
Then Suzie got her Doggie fix as Tucker's
mum and dad walked by, she missed Tucker.
       We travelled only 109 miles today, back to where we started yesterday at noon. After a birthday party Saturday and a family reunion today. Time to put our feet up, relax a bit and get back into our healthy eating habits again for a while, until next time. So nice to see everyone again and reconnect.
today's nice country drive in our house
        Thanks for stopping by for a visit, maybe some day we will meet up with more of our readers on down the road, but we need a bit of a break right now. Hope you had a wonderful weekend too.
Check out the interactive map below to see where we have been this summer


  1. What a busy busy day. I remember your reunion from last year. Your plate looks about the same as last year's too....hehe

    I love the bike wind mill too!

    1. The reunion is always a nice get together, and always too much great food. Was busy for us but not rushed. Now to relax a bit.

  2. Looks like your friends have a nice set up. I've never seen a heater like that and wander how often they have to feed it wood. You guys sure had a busy day.

    1. He can filled it with huge logs and is good for a couple of days. Works great,

  3. The reunion looks very popular. Maybe our age and health has something to do with the attendance being down.

    1. I am thinking you are right and there is no more immediately family left any more, so sad..

  4. What a busy and fun week-end!

  5. That's a serious helping of dinner! I have only once before seen a heater like that. You put the logs on a slide and they feed the fire as the slide down the shute. Very efficient and cheap if you have the land and the trees.

    1. That dinner was our meal for the day, no more nourishment needed.
      It works amazing for them and they do have the land and the trees.

  6. Now that was a busy but fun weekend. Agreed, put your feet up.

  7. Can't wait to see all the new recipes you're going to cook up on your Weber grill with all those jelly beans... :cD

    1. Sorry no Jelly Bean cooking, just great for before meal snacks. :cD..

  8. Beautiful garden! Maybe that place needs a few Black snakes to keep the chipmunk population down ;-)


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