Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Time to head out of town another membership park in cottage country.

Where are we today ?
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         This morning just wonderful warm and sunny. Got the caffeine fix, breaky and computing done and a nice walkabout town. Nice and early as usual. Around the corner there was a small crew with a portable sawmill taking care of some huge logs from trees that fell in a winter storm.
       It was amazing to watch them move these huge logs and cut them into boards that will be kiln dried so that the owner of the house can built a few things. One will be a large Harvest table.
first board
          Now I could watch them for a long time, but we have places to go. Back home, we secured our coach and hit the road, later than usual about 10 am. Only about a 3 hour drive to Galvin Bay and we are not supposed to check in until 3 pm.
          We on the road today heading up to The Kawarthas (cottage country here in Ontario).  Highway 401 through Toronto and with the construction was not too bad. 2 seasons here in Ontario, winter season and construction season.
          Mostly moved right along at the speed limit a couple sections slowed a bit but not bad at all.
      The just east of Toronto from 4 lanes to 2 . Nice break here. Suzie can go to the washroom and then when stopped for a few seconds she took over driving the coach and my turn. That is the beauty of travelling in a motorhome, no problem with traffic we have everything we need right handy.
Hey Suzie driving !
Just as I got back behind the wheel traffic picked up
and away we went
       Headed north on hwy 35/115 and pulled over in an empty lot, to make a bite for lunch and stretch a bit, then nice paved back road towards Buckhorn Ontario.
          Right across the road from the campground about a mile or so is the Indian Reservation= cheap gas. We always plan this here, we filled our coach 214 litres (56 US gallons) at 93.9 cents a litre compared to $1.30 everywhere else. This saved us about $23.50, a worthwhile savings for sure.
         Arrived at Galvin Bay our home Coast to Coast park about 2:15 and checked in early. Cost us $5.00 a night now with 30 amp, water and sewer, perfect, and can't beat the price. Non members $42.50 plus tax a night. Perfect weather, sunny and about 80f with a light breeze.
here we are all setup by 3:30
and join our friends Pat and Norm for Happy hour
catch up time
Pat, Norm and BJ (Billie Jean) 
right away BJ is on Suzie's lap 
Doggie fix and Kisses
BJ gets a treat too
       Then we home to whip up supper. Tonight a couple salmon burgers on our Weber Q and some very tender fresh local asparagus, to go with our salad.
sure hit the spot
     That was a wonderful travel day, great weather and just moved right along. Sure is nice to get back on the road, last summer was the last time we were here. And just love this area. Nice change of pace.
169 miles today
        We here for a couple weeks, just doing what we do, enjoy new scenery.
        Hope your day was good too, Thanks for stopping by.

Check out the interactive map below to see where we have been this summer


  1. Wonderful! Nice to really enjoy a change of scenery, and to move around in the RV, after all, that is what it is all about, right?

    1. We love the change of scenery and this area of Ontario, everyplace has it's own magic.

  2. It's great that you have lots of membership parks and friends to stay with. Looks like you have it all figured out. It's also nice that you have lots of friends to visit with. Enjoy the summer.

    1. Seeing as we need to be in Ontario for 5 months, and we don't like to stay in one place this works out wonderful for us. We will have even more friends to visit, people we have not even met.

  3. We watch them split logs and cut them that way when we were in Oregon a few years back. It is pretty amazing how huge those trunks really are.
    I think I saw history being made today. Suzie behind the wheel. I don't remember ever seeing a photo of that.

    1. It is amazing watching them turn the logs into lumber.
      She has done it a few times, she can do it, but prefers I drive.

  4. Suzie looks almost as funny as I look behind the wheel. How long dd she drive? I last about 1/2 hour and I'm done.

    1. She can do it if need be, she was only there about 10 minutes, just while I did a stretch and take care of business. She can do it if need be, that we know.

  5. Nice to see a good driver behind the wheel... ;c)

    1. Yes it is she does a wonderful job too, still a bit nervous, But I know she can do it.

  6. An old friend of ours stopped by our rental a couple of days ago (we were hard at work)... he and his wife are thinking of buying a motorhome and hitting the road. I thought of you and Suzie.... totally different way of retirement/traveling than me and Bill... but all of us are happy with what we've chosen. We have no TV, no slide outs, and seldom stay in an RV park... you two completely different. I tried to tell Ron, our friend, that each and everyone of us are different, and that we have to find what works for us. I don't know what they'll choose... maybe never hit the road at all.... but while we've chosen a different way, we love meeting up with and reading about other lifestyles. I hope Ron and Sue choose something that they both can live with.

    1. That is so true, we each have our own lifestyle and needs, I could most likely do what you do but have Suzie in the equation, so we do what we can and enjoy the lifestyle. Hey it works for us and works for you guys as well and then there is so many other variations as well.
      Everybody needs to find their niche and run with it, also be flexible.


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