Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Father's Day memories and making new ones as well, what a great day !

Where are we today ?
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         Another hot  sunny day, perfect for Father's Day. So many memories of the past and so many new memories to be made.
Remembering My Dad, who passed
 away so many years ago
always happy and smiling
       Our Grandparents lived with us for many years and have great memories of them while Mom and Dad worked from the time I was about 3 yrs old until my mid teens
My dad on Left and 
on the right
        Now today we are making more memories, having Suzie's Dad come here for lunch, one of his favorite meals, "CHICKEN on the Weber Q" (ours too).  So this morning I set up a couple tables, our awning and sunscreens. Suzie cleaned a couple lbs of fresh Ontario Strawberries for Strawberry shortcake dessert. I prepped 2 chickens about 4 lbs each and 8 foil wrapped potatoes on our Weber Q 100. Low and slow for 2 hours today, wanted to make sure all was ready so we could eat at 12:30. Suzie's brother and Sandy brought her Dad after church, and her Sister, Rose and Ross were here as well.
       Still pretty hot under the awning so we just moved the tables under the tree line in the shade with a nice breeze, quite comfortable there.
awning and sunscreens set up
chickens and taters ready to go
amazing what we can
 cook on our Weber Q 100
gotta have our
 dipping sauce
chicken a taters done on time
        These chickens were large so I quartered them and cut the huge breasts each in half, we had more than enough for the 7 of us leftovers that I can take care of, more soup in the near future.
I think we had more than
lotsa leftovers
     Then the strawberry shortcakes for dessert, like do we need more? But the local berries are so good right now, get them while we can.
Suzie and her Dad
yep I did too
       As we were done got a call from Daughter number 2. "Happy Father's Day!" Can we take your for supper tonight in Town at the Trail's Edge?  Well heck that is a no brainer, just down the street, spent some time with them and the grands and enjoy more food! Do we need more? But can't say no, after all it's Father's Day right?
      Also got a phone call from daughter number one to wish me Happy Father's Day, wow I am really enjoying this father thing, make me feel all fuzzy inside....
       So we snagged a table for 7 and they joined us for some lively conversation, good food and fun times, so nice to see everyone again.
        Suzie and I shared a shrimp Po-Boy, with fries and a salad, very tasty and just enough.
Shrimp Po-Boy
the grands arm wrestling
Me and daughter number 2
and Suzie as well
Two of the boys sharing
an amazing dessert
       Then as we were leaving got a friend to take a group photo of us outside, it's been a while, nice to get it updated.
       Now that was a very fun Father's Day that I will always remember, so nice to spend it with family whenever we can.  Hope all you Fathers out there had a wonderful day as well.
      Thanks for stopping by again and hope to see y'all on down the road someday.

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When we head south 
Oct 20th 2016
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  1. I'm glad you were close to family on father's day. It made it all possible.was it planned?

    1. Lunch with her Dad was planned 2 days before and supper at the Edge was planned 3 hours before, but it all worked out wonderfully.

  2. What a great Father's Day you and Suzie had.... good times, good food, but most of all, great family!

    1. It sure worked out absolutely perfect, all the way around , including the weather.

  3. Always great to spend time with family.

  4. Glad to hear that you had such a nice Father's Day. Makes you feel special, right?

  5. Great family, great food, and obviously a great dad. Happy Father's Day to you, George.

  6. Goodness, the Weber does not disappoint! Great food and a wonderful family. You are blessed!

    1. Our Weber come through every time,
      I am blessed and know it, life is good !

  7. Great day and a wonderful time with your family. More happy memories, for sure! :c)

  8. Sounds like you had an amazing day with family. I love days like that. You were very lucky to be a part of your grandparents' life and they were lucky too.

    1. It sure was an amazing day. And the years spent with my grandparents were priceless.


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