Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Happy Birthday Ma, 89 yrs young !

Where are we today ?
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         A bit cooler this morning but still a wonderful early morning walkabout. We have a plan today . It is my Mom's Birthday she is 89 years young. And we gonna visit her at the long term facility in Lindsay about 45 minutes away, along with my Brother Chris (wife Sheri), Sister Louise (husband Paul). They now live close by and can visit her more often, Chris Baked a chocolate cake, and Louise brought some Gluten free cupcakes and nice decorations, to Celebrate her birthday ,all of us together. Ma likes that.
        We all arrived shortly after 10 am, set up a nice small room and brought her in to celebrate. The cards, gifts, cake and Happy Birthday songs, the staff here sang Mom Happy birthday at Breakfast too, a very nice facility.
Brother Chris Baked Mom's cake
she requested Chocolate Cake
Ma and me
Chris, Louise, Me and Ma
Getting the cake ready
she blew out all the candles
Nice new sweater for her
more smiley faces
That's us the whole  bunch
      Then we outside for a while, some fresh air and chat with a few people out there as well. Met a retired Gray Coach Bus Driver he is 92, and we probably met way back in the 60's and 70's when I worked there, small world. Of course we are all much older and hard to remember that far back.
       What a very nice visit with Ma and my siblings on her birthday for a few hours. But was 12:30 time for her to head in for lunch. So we said our goodbyes and headed on home.
       Back here about 2 pm, light bite to eat and checked out the slow cooker. The Wild Turkey breast is smelling wonderful and just slowing making all those flavors blend together.
       Chillier today than the last few only about 70f  and had a few rain drops here while we were gone. A walkabout the park and read for a while then time to assemble supper. Just boiled a couple taters and steamed some fresh broccoli to add to the tasty Turkey, carrots and gravy. For the Wild Turkey in the slow cooker click HERE or my recipe blog on the top right sidebar. 
sure was tasty
          The Turkey was awesome and of course we have leftovers that will be enjoyed sometime soon, or frozen, maybe lunches...
          A cooler day but good for a day trip to visit Ma on her birthday. 
          Thanks for stopping by.
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  1. Your Mom looks very pretty! What a sweet birthday for all of you to be there!

    1. Thanks it was nice that we could be there to celebrate with her.

  2. Makes me miss my Mom. Glad you got to spend her birthday with her.

  3. SO very nice you could share the day with your mom. Plus you got to dress up in your fancy clothes, even the hat! :c)

  4. How wonderful that you can share your mother's 89th birthday with her !

  5. Happy Birthday to your Mom. She looks like she enjoyed the morning with the family and what a nice family picture you have now.

    1. Thanks, she did have a very nice day as well as us too.

  6. Happy birthday to your very good looking mom! And the new hat is perfect!

    1. Thanks Peter. That is not my everyday hat though, want to keep it looking good.

  7. If we were just a bit closers expulsion your mom and my dad up..hehe. Happy birthday, ma. You look like you had an excellent birthday celebration.

    1. Thanks it was fun.
      Now that would be scary lol..!


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