Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Friday, June 10, 2016

Forest farmer's Market, and enjoying this wonderful weather. So this is why the squirrels are here.

Where are we today ?
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         Again another wonderful day, blue skies, sunshine and no wind. Temps into the low 80's F  perfect.  Couple walkabouts nice and early love the fresh morning air, then into Downtown Forest for the Friday Farmer's Market shortly after 8 am. It is a small market but did pick up some local things, a beefsteak tomato, no doubt hot house but local, some fresh made lemon/cranberry scones and a litre of fresh local strawberries. The berries are expensive compared to the ones from California , but OH so sweet and juicy, a real treat for us that we look forward to.  
        A few vendors here for one block on the main St of downtown Forest, with some nice fresh food stuffs.
fresh baked 
Fresh local Ontario Strawberries 
Downtown Forest
This is what I bought, lemon/cranberry scones,
strawberries and a Beefsteak tomato
bacon tomato sandwich for lunch, awesome.
        Got home and this squirrel is having lunch at our picnic table so I checked to see what he was eating. And I found out the key's from the maple trees have a tasty seed and all these guys are having an endless buffet right now. They found a good deal and called all their friends to the feast.
endless supply of these here
looks tasty.
this is why all the squirrels,
these keys are the buffet
          Back home, puttered around a bit, then I made up a batch of seafood salad to take to the family reunion on Sunday in Tavistock, always a hit there, for the recipe click HERE or my recipe blog on the top right sidebar. Keeps for quite a while in the fridge and after a couple days the flavors are all infused in each bite.
tasty seafood salad
           Putter around a bit more, flushed our sewage tanks and check tire pressure and oil then enjoyed our e-readers in the shade of our awning, love our new awning! We taking off for a couple days in the morning.
sure is nice to have our awning back
            Then for supper Pork Ribs on the Q for the recipe click HERE or my recipe blog top right sidebar.
these small cans of sauerkraut, perfect size,
but have only found them
in Niagara Falls New York
wrapped up and at least 90 minutes on the
Weber Q On Low,
the longer the better
         Then onto our grill mat, slathered with sticky BBQ sauce to glaze toast our garlic buns. No messy grill with the non-stick mat, just wipe it off.
the grill mat even leaves grill marks too
was so very tasty
        After supper went to help Bob set up his satellite dish, a few tweaks here and there and he has a great signal and tv once again, no problem.
         Still a nice mild night so more reading and computing outside until 9:30pm, loving this wonderful weather. Summer almost here.
          Thanks for stopping in and hope y'all come back soon.

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  1. Lucky you. You always seem to find the best markets !

    1. This market was small but had what I wanted. Fresh local stuff.

  2. So you are having a squirrel fest at your site. I'll let all our squirrels know. They should be arriving soon.

  3. We always enjoy visiting farmers markets. I didn't realize that squirrels ate the maple seeds - never too old to learn something. That is one fine looking meal.

    1. I didn't know they eat them either, until I actually say them doing it.
      The ribs were so tender and tasty.

  4. We have been on a strawberry binge at our house. They seem to be extra good this year. And that would be my kind of farmer's market - small and not a whole bunch of people.

    1. The fresh local berries are very good this year like you said. Small markets are nice and getting there early can avoid any crowds too.

  5. Gotta love small town Ontario, dinner looks awesome! Ribs here tonight with a nice coleslaw...

  6. Every once in a while one of your posts remind me what I want to do. Usually related to your recipes. I have them all printed and in a binder, nice and handy but I forget what is in there! I have ribs in the freezer and want to do this again but don't eat the big jars of sauerkraut often enough and have to throw half of it out. I wonder if it freezes? The little can looks perfect.

  7. I think your meal looked much better than what the squirrels are eating, but then, what do I know? ;c)

    1. I know it tasted pretty good to us, not fussy bon maple keys.. lol.....


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