Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Friday, June 17, 2016

Now this is my kind of weather, loving it !

Where are we today ?
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        What a wonderful night for sleeping, windows open , fantastic fan running and no blankets on the bed, perfect got down to about 65 f overnight, and this morning the temps just kept climbing. By 9 am over 80 f and got to about 90f today. Now this is my kind of weather !
wonderful sunrise at 5:15 this morning
Love the early mornings
        First walkabout about 7 am nice and refreshing then by 7:30 getting much warmer. Sweater is off but do have my shorts on. What a wonderful way to start the day.
right behind our coach
across the road, corn is getting started
river road
nice old house in the bush,
can you see it?
          Then about 9 am a quick trip to New Hamburg, drop off a prescription, and picked up a few salad things for us.
         A nice light lunch then I hopped on the mower to cut the last 1.5 acres here that were left to do . Nice and relaxing and done in about an hour.
love mowing the lawn here
just look at the skies, white fluffy clouds
no wind and about 90 f, what's not to like ? 
         Now that was done, time for a dip in the pool. Water is 80 F and that's about perfect for me. Nobody here so quiet and peaceful.  Got a nice cooling swim in and read for a while in the shade with Suzie,  then the pool was so nice went back a couple more times so refreshing and the pool all to ourselves.
yep its good
        Then of course Suzie's favorite past time, reading in the shade.
never tire of this view here so serene
       Then about 4;30 a break from my reading time to whip up supper. Grill a couple Turkey Garlic sausage that we love, some fresh local asparagus, to add to our tasty fresh made green salad.
And few fresh Ontario strawberries on the side
      With this amazing weather, we need to be outside for more fresh air, reading and posting our blog , gotta be outside as much as possible`. Why? Because we love it. 
We are only inside, if it too hot, (Over 110f and no shade or wind), too rainy, or much too wind or cold. Last resort we turn on the TV, and of course I just fall asleep anyway.
       No need for airconditioning yet only 95f inside during the afternoon, windows open and a nice breeze will make it good for sleeping tonight, that's all that , matters.
We did get a nice sunset though
the bushes across the road.
      Hey thanks for stopping in for a peak and hope you enjoyed this wonderful hot summer like weather as much as we did.
Check out the interactive map below to see where we have been this summer


  1. It finally warmed up here as well. But this morning first very chilly at 5C.

    1. It wil be much warmer nicer real soon, it's only just begun !

  2. Looks like you finally had summer arrive. We've had it off and on. Glad the weather of last week is behind we have a good forecast ahead.

    1. It is now perfect summer weather and looks good for a while yet.

  3. Sounds like a fine day, except for the 90 that is - you are having about the same temps as we are.

    1. It was for me even the 90f was wonderful, outside , under a tree in th shade.

  4. We're enjoying this beautiful weather too


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