Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Peterborough Farmer's Market on another perfect , sunny warm summer day and some wonderful bear carvings.

Where are we today ?
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        Just another wonderful day here in paradise. Lovely cool night for sleeping with the windows open. The morning sun on our site shortly after 5 am, warming up nicely. Coffees, computing, etc, and a few walkabouts then about 8:30 Suzie ready to head on out.
        Our first stop is the Peterborough Farmer's Market only 20 minutes away. We always enjoy checking out this market, see what's new and what is in season. Did not buy much just a fresh made sausage roll to share, and some fresh local strawberries, but the weather is wonderful and nice to check things out and explore a bit.
heading down George St to the market
       As usual the market is pretty busy on a Saturday Morning, but not really too crowded.
the market is dog friendly,
but this guy is almost a horse!
this guy has it right, reminds me of Peter and Bea's dog Molly
       We did buy a quart of fresh local strawberries, so very sweet and tender.

Hula hoops can you do one?
I did many years ago
we shared a sausage roll from here 
wood fired pizza oven
        After the market we drove by the Peterborough Lift Lock number 21. It is a hydraulic lift lock built in 1903 and is amazing to watch.
lock #21 
the road under the lock
      After here stopped at the No Frills in town and picked up a chicken for $1.00 a lb, now can't turn that down. We do love our chicken.
     Then Giant Tiger looking for deals. but nothing there we needed.
       Now home by 11 am , time for a light lunch, putter around for a while, enjoy our e-readers in the shade and a couple walkabouts. Worked up an appetite so a tasty treat on a hot sunny day,  a rare t but sure  hit the spot.
perfect on a hot sunny day,
got on sale the other day
      A walkabout by the garbage a recycle area, looking for signs of bears. But not too likely they have installed an electric fence to keep the bears away. It appears to be working.
      Now there is many black bears in this area so when some of the trees were cut down the new owners commissioned a chain saw carver to sculpt some bears here around the park a few years ago. Love these carvings.
Bear chainsaw carvings
nice walkway behind us
        Had thought about going to the pool but was very busy today, lotsa kids there, maybe on another hot day. Nice to see them riding in the back of the pickups like we used to do so many years ago. Only in the  campground with slow speeds of 10 kph (6.2 mph) everyone has a great time.
      Then time to fire up our Weber Q, preheat on high 15 minutes , turn to low and set our oiled and spiced chicken right on the grill. Close the lid and do not open it for 1 hour. It works like a convection oven.  Internal temp should be about 175f, (this was a 3 lb chicken, not stuffed).
ready to cook
      While the chicken was on the grill doing it's thing Neighbors behind us Norm and Pat had a group for "Happy Hour" so we joined them and could still watch our Weber Q. we extra Happy for and hour the the chicken is cooked, gotta love it !
Fun times with old and new friends
         After about 60 minutes checked the bird and pretty well done, so whipped up a salad and set some fresh asparagus on the grill.
done to perfection, moist and tender
crispy skin, love it
one of our favorite meals
        Now again left over chicken and bones. Not a problem great for lunches and another pot of homemade chicken noodle soup. Waste not, want not and is soo good for you too.
       Thanks for stopping by and hope your Saturday was a great one as well.
Check out the interactive map below to see where we have been this summer


  1. It does sound like a perfect day. The FM looks very nice and Peterborough looks like a vibrant little town.

    1. It is a nice FM and always enjoy checking it out. And very nice town and area to visit as well.

  2. I was in Peterborough many years ago and loved it. I could live there. Perfect chicken again!

    1. It is a very nice area, but don't want to be here in the winter.
      Our Weber Q never fails to cook perfect chickens and meals, by far the best BBQ I have ever owned.

  3. Sure does look like a fun place to hang out on a summer day. That Farmers Market was fabulous! By the way, thanks to you I did buy a WeberQ 100 for the MoHo and the cottage. Gave in this year and bought the Big Guy, WeberQ 300 for the deck here at the apartments and for eventually at the new house in Grants Pass. I LOVE it as well, and do enjoy the bigger space to cook on. Certainly won't be carrying that baby around anywhere. That is the best part about the baby weber's, and thanks to you I have learned to cook good stuff on both of them.

    1. Glad you like them Sue, they do an awesome Job if you follow the directions, so easy. The Baby Q is perfect for the RV. That 300 is a big one, nice for your decks and you don't have move them.
      Keep on Cooking and enjoy your Weber's an wonderful way to cook.

  4. I like this area of Ontario. Hopefully one day we will RV there, have to retire first.

    1. I am sure you will enjoy it here, when you do retire, hopefully sooner than later.

  5. It does sound like you found another great market. I'm not sure if they follow you around or you follow them around. :)


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