Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Saturday, June 11, 2016

A jet air show in Forest, Then a Happy Birthday celebration for Christine !

Where are we today ?
Walsh Ontario
clic on a pic to enlarge it
         Nice and warm at 6 am 68f, gonna be a wonderful hot day with a nice breeze. Campground much busier now for the weekend, did get a nice couple walkabouts done.
        Then shortly after 9 am we hopped in the car to check out Forest Lakeside flyers, Model Aircraft Jet Fest, for the link click HERE .  Have never seen these model jet planes fly before and wow are they amazing.
jet stream the 3rd and 4th pic below
is this plane after landing
same plane you can barely see
not is has landed
this is Huge
     I asked one fellow how fast they fly and his reply not supposed to go over 200 kph (124 MPH), thats pretty fast, in seconds they are almost out of sight.
this guys did some amazing acrobatics 
          Below a 6 second video warming up his jet before takeoff.
warmed up and taxiing down the runway
      It's real hard to get a photo in the air they are so fast.

      That was a fun outing this morning but now home shortly after 10 am , a bite for lunch secured to coach and moved on down the road 95 miles . We left our car at Rock Glen just wanted our house. we have a birthday party to attend, Suzie's girlfriend and neighbor for a lot more than 40 years.
nice back country paved roads
       We arrived at Chris and Bill's by 2:30 and backed in the lane beside their driving shed. Wished her Happy Birthday met some new people and chatted with other family members we have known for years as well as her children and grands.
        They have their new huge home mostly finished and is wonderful. Nice large patio out the back on their 25 acre lot.
nice patio
Huge kitchen  open concert
hey that's me and Suzie
Chris and Suzie
       The afternoon flew by and conversation just flowed, a few snacks the Bill fired up the BBQ and made yummy hot dogs and burgers for everyone,
salads and toppings
tasty ? yup!
Bill and Chris
       I wandered down to see the dogs for a bit, they have their own. Air conditioned home, that huge steel building and were out for a bit of fresh air, it was about 95 today and a bit warm for them especially the pugs. They have Pugs and Schnauzers that are all purebred, she used to breed them but I don't think anymore. This is their retirement home. Pretty nice huge dog house I would say.
        Then the dessert came out, cherry cheesecake,  a fudge cake and then of course.....
        We all gathered round sang happy birthday and her grands help blow out the candles.
Can I help Gramma?
         Now that was a fun birthday party , get together with friends, share stories, meet new people,, and  enjoy some good food. Thanks for having us here today Bill and Chris so glad that we were around to celebrate another birthday with her.
95 miles today
       Now time to call in a night, on the road tomorrow for a family reunion on Suzie's side, another country drive and more fun times.
       And thank our readers for stopping by and joining us as well. We have a nice breeze here and inside our below 80 f now so no need for airconditioning, hope you day was wonderful as well.

Check out the interactive map below to see where we have been this summer


  1. Looks like a nice day for everyone. We've seen the jets in Chatham at the Fun Fly we go to each year. Bill's model plane looks like a baby beside them! :) They sure do go!

  2. Busy day. Thanks to Youtube, there are all kinds of videos of those huge model jet planes to watch. Always impressive. Guys with deep pockets, great skill, and the willingness to put their investment up into the air!

  3. That would have been fun to watch all the planes fly. Those models are huge !!

    1. They are huge and was fun, ended with a great birthday party celebration too.

  4. Nice party! I've never seen planes like that... pretty amazing! And they even leave a contrail.... (is that what it's called?) As always, I just marvel at your friendships with so many people... that's just so nice!

    1. Thanks Sharon, the planes were awesome! Yup I think that's what they call a contrail.
      The party was fun, nice to see everyone again and meet even more people is always fun.


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