Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Lakefield Farmer's Market and a birthday party, what a fun day !

Where are we today ?
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        More warm and sunny weather today getting ramped up for the long weekend. Friday July 1st is Canada Day in Canada (of course) and Monday the 4th of July in the States. So traffic everywhere this weekend will be "insane" on the road (glad we are not travelling) and parties both sides of the border, with amazing weather in the forcecast.
      And of course a Happy 4th of July to all our American friends.
          First thing this morning to beat the crowds and traffic I headed into Lakefield (just down the road) to check out the Thursday Farmer's market.
          Picked up some fresh picked strawberries here and a few groceries and back home just after 10 am. The girl at Mcleans Berry farm told me she picks berries from 2 am till sunrise, then to market, closes at 2 pm. She has a nap then picks more berries. Busy people, "make hay while the sunshines"
      The the market  has some free Canada day treats. How about some fresh strawberries dipped in white chocolate, got 2 one for me and one for Suzie.
Or free Canada Day cupcakes too..
        Cruised around town for a bit down by the river. Lakefield is a very pretty town. People fishing by the river, and boats out cruising around, so peaceful.
nice houseboat just heading out
Lakefield Marina
nice old church
           Home by 10 am and we went through stuff that we can part with. In the  campground tomorrow community yard sale, so we will set stuff out, could be a treasure for somebody, we have a few things that need to go.
        Nice light lunch, read in the shade and a couple more walkabouts, the campers are coming in all day, apparently they will be full this weekend (no surprize). 
fresh strawberries, dipped in white chocolate
          Our friend Pat got back from the farm today and brought me some fresh early garlic from her garden. And it is so good! Love it! Thanks Pat.!
early fresh picked garlic
        Next I wanted to make some Puff Pastry Sausage rolls click  HERE or my recipe blog top right sidebar. Everything was ready so whipped up a bunch of them for today's Happy hour. 
ready for the oven
love these tasty pites
          We were invited to Happy Hour at Gary and Willies' for 4 o'clock. We are not one to miss a Happy hour, ya know. Today is Gary's Birthday so let's celebrate ! A double reason not to miss it.
Happy Birthday Gary
That's Willie making margaritas for everyone.
what a great hostess ! 
she has the machine 
caught Monique Taking  pics i 
Love the  Dutch clogs
A good group about 26 here give or take
           We had a fun Happy hour celebrating Gary's birthday but time for us to head home, whip up supper. I know other's stayed longer.
         I had marinated a Pork tenderloin to grill on our Weber Q, and it was calling our names. Along with that I grilled a sweet potato to add to our green salad. For the pork tenderloin recipe click HERE or my recipe blog , top right sidebar.
quick and easy on the Weber Q
so moist, tender and tasty, more leftovers again,
love leftovers.
       That was our Pre- Canada Day day, before the crowds arrive. Even though we had no plans this morning we sure were busy. Hope your long weekend is a good one for you as well. Be safe if you are on the road.
        Thanks for stopping by !
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  1. There must be more than 24 hours in your day. How can you do all this in one day?
    Free cupcakes! What a nice vendor.
    Happy Canada day....weekend!

    1. LOL, Thanks!
      I start early in the day, and don't rush things just go with the flow.
      Free is good !

  2. Happy Canada Day to you. Looks like you found another wonderful Farmer's Market. There must be a circuit of them in your area because you certainly know where the good ones are. Enjoy the weekend and stay off the roads.

    1. Thank you.
      Most of southern Ontario is wonderful farm country. Lots of markets around.

  3. Happy Canada Day! Getting a bit of much needed rain here. Enjoyed the pics and the Happy Hour.

    1. Thanks Bob, getting a bit of rain today, will be nice too.

  4. Another great day in Southern Ontario. I love the wooden shoes, my mother had a pair and she hung them on the wall outside with geraniums planted inside.

    1. It sure was a great day.
      Not sure how he can walk in the wooden shoes but he did.


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