Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Cut grass this afternoon and watch hockey in a cold arena tonight. Gotta head south soon!

Where are we today ?
         It was cold out side this morning 10c(50f) at 6 am , and only 59f inside so fired up out Mr. Heater and in no time 74f nice and comfy. My early morning walkabout was chilly, actually wore jeans and a sweater but by 10 am back into shorts and t shirt , almost like the desert in the southwest in January. So looking forward to that.
nice sun shadows in the bush
I watched this bee zipping from flower to flower
go a quick pic , not great but there he was
         I dropped Suzie in New Hamburg to visit her Mom and Dad for a bit this morning  while I picked up a few groceries, then back here for lunch. She went back there again while I hopped on the mower and finished mowing the 5 acres here. At least it was a wonderful sunny day.
       Yesterday I picked up 2 new seat covers for the front seat of the car. The drivers seat was showing some wear a few years ago so I put some covers on then Now I noticed the other day the drivers side seat cover was badly worn too. So stopped by a Canadian tire store I was driving by to by one. But only in pairs for $50. hum, looked a bit more and found 2 matching ones on sale for $12.00 each. And the bonus to was I have enough Canadian tire money to buy them so just like free!
looks much nicer now
       Suzie got back just as I finished and we relaxed outside for a bit enjoying our e readers. Partially in the sun to stay comfortably warm. Then we fired up the Weber Q for an early supper.  Tonight a wonderful Pacific Sockeye Salmon fillet on the grill and our salad, oh it was so tasty!
used my grill mat not foil,
works wonderfully
sure did the trick
       Supper done by 5 o'clock then up the the arena in town.       We have grandsons number one and four trying out for the Rep hockey teams. This winter, one at 5pm the other at 6:30 so a few blocks away we spent the next 3 hours  in the arena watching them do their moves. They doing pretty good after most of the summer off and spending last week at a hockey camp. Will see how they make out.
       Now back home to put our feet up and call it a night. Still waiting for news on Suzie's computer..
       Thanks again for taking the time to stop by, hope you had a wonderful day too.
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  1. I like a little shot of that 50f to bring down the temperatures here. However, I would hope that it didn't hang around long. That's too cold for my blood too.

    Your new seat covers add class to your vehicle. Looking good and the price was just right.

    1. Too cold for us as well.
      Almost a new car now, lol. 13 years old.

  2. We have the fireplace on this morning, Hope it's a dry day tomorrow since it will be a road day. Doesn't that cool weather feel good for a change?

    1. Don't much care for rainy travel days but still better than snow.
      We don't much car for it this cool, but can always be worse.

  3. Free is good. Nice how it warms up midday.

    1. Everyone likes free. We do get pretty nice midday but mornings and nights are quite cool.


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