Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Pinery Fleamarket and a nice drive on a wonderful warm sunny Sunday.

Where are we today ?
          A great night sleeping windows open and perfect temperature, not humid. Up early 6 am. as usual and we find the power is out. No power in the campground. No problem for us, we are self contained, just flicked on the inverter turn on the tv and power up the computer. Got our coffee perk out and made a pot of coffee. Gotta have our morning coffees!
           Morning walkabouts and most people outside too, not sure what to do with no electricity. Hmm would think we were in the city and not a campground. Chatted with a few people around and found out that this was a planned power outage, while they begin connecting these hug wind turbines to the power grid. Apparently a few more planed in the near future.
           Shortly after 9 am we headed out to our favorite Sunday outing when in the area here, The Pinery Fleamarket In Grand Bend with our friends Rob and Pat along for the ride.
          Fall is in the air with pumpkins and squash in season, so they are on sale and on display everywhere.
          Then all the fresh baked goods here look so tempting. But we can resist most, except Suzie cannot resist the Cranberry Orange Loaf (like a Banana Bread).
very tasty loafs here
huge tarts as well
tasty looking cookies and biscuits
          With perfect weather for a fall day the market was busy, we enjoyed wandering about looking for tasty treats. A few items purchased then off to Hayter's Turkey in Dashwood Ontario. Picked up a few Turkey products like sausage, burgers, ground turkey, etc. We will be good for a while now.
           On our way home we stopped at Juicy Fruit Orchards. In season now is apples, peppers and squash. So a couple pepper squash, a couple spaghetti squash and a couple Jalapeño peppers all for $4.50 great deals.
           Back home in time for a light lunch, said goodbye to Pat and Bill (they are still working), walkabouts, work out at the gym, read for a bit and a nice social hour with Rob and Pat.
           Before we know it time then to fire up our Weber Q. Grill a couple onion and parsley Turkey burgers, 1/2 a pepper squash and two cobs of fresh corn.
really love these burgers
sure did the trick today
           Supper done another walkabout, chat with a few more neighbors, enjoy our e readers outside until about 8 o'clock, then inside to call it a night.
          Still enjoying this amazingly warm fall weather, hope you did too. Looks like it will be around for a while longer yet.
           Thanks again for stopping on by.
Posted by George, a.k.a. "The Weber "Q" Man of Blogland" according to Rick Doyle.
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  1. Oh how I love looking at fall decorations. Looks like you two hit the jackpot with all the neat places you visited today.

    1. It was a teal fun day again, warm weather, sunshine and the fall colors beginning to happen.

  2. When the pumpkins come out we definitely know it's fall. Just think Halloween is just around the corner. Then, even the goblins and ghosts will be everywhere.

    1. Yes it is that time of year again, a sure sign that we will be heading south soon.

  3. Looks like another well spent day and fine meal. I had to look up pepper squash as I know things have different names in Canada.

  4. I love the Farmer's Markets... and this time of year is so special... pumpkins, apples and cider... and oh! those German wursts! Makes putting on a sweater and heading out so much fun.

    1. The markets are great at this time of year when the produce is on sale.
      Have not needed a sweater yet during the days. Soon thou.

  5. With all that great looking food at the markets and then you're Weber grill I'm still trying to figure out how you managed to lose 30lbs!

    1. Well Rick it is moderation, eating the right foods and exercise. We are not desert people but will have a tiny bite occasionally.


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