Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Thursday, June 13, 2019

Overcast and rainy day but we could still enjoy some outside fresh air.

Where are we today ? 
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   A real good sleep last night with rain on the roof lulling us to sleep. So relaxing and woke just before 6am. Pouring rain still so no early walkabout this morning. Gotta like this 62F temperature though first thing and next to no wind at all. I thought a good day for a pot of soup. Had some chicken bones in the freezer so set them on to boil and a tasty chicken broth, Then I proceeded to purge some excess photos and get ready to do another time machine back up on my Mac Book.
      Got our soup all ready to enjoy for lunch a nice hearty chicken noodle soup. And of course enough leftovers for a couple more lunches. Then right after lunch I had to drive to Forest and get a stamp to mail our 8840 form to the IRS in Austin Texas. This is to confirm that was have a closer connection to Canada and will be allowed to spend our 182 days in the warm southern states this winter.
this soup smells wonderful on a cool rainy day
hit the spot today for lunch
      That taken care of I finished purging my photos and backed up my Mac Book Air. A good day to do this stuff. Still overcast at 1 pm but the rain has let up 61F and think we will enjoy some reading time outside for a while.
our weather for pretty well all day 
we are cozy here all day
so peaceful 
      A wonderful day we enjoyed a nice quiet happy hour, nobody venturing about in the yucky weather to join us, but that is fine. We are comfy here under our awning and no wind.
      Soon was time to whip up supper , and tonight a couple of Cornish Pasties we picked up last Sunday  at the St Jacobs Market. We really enjoy these when we can find them, Easy to do heat up in the oven or on our Weber Q , my choice tonight the Weber Q and grill some fresh asparagus to go with our salad.
preheat the Weber Q and about 15 minutes
they are nicely warmed up
a few minutes our asparagus is crispy tender
the way we love it
we do love these 
add a bit of gravy and they are wonderful 
    So far that was our productive day getting things done. Now at 6:45 pm we are heading down for dart night and have a fun social night. Maybe win, maybe not but always a fun time.
    No posting later tonight I will let you know how we made out on tomorrows 
    Thanks for dropping by and visiting with us today.
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 Where have we been this Summer ?


  1. Could you send a little rain my way???

    1. We would love to have had more than our share here.

  2. SoCal could use the rain too! We're finally on the road for our summer travels, leaving the June Gloom behind, and finding some sunshine along the way.

    1. Nice that you are on the road again safe travels Wish we could send you the rain.
      Hopefully you will find some nice sunny weather in your travels.

  3. Mother Nature is truly mixed up this year as where the Rain should be.
    Glad you are Enjoying your quiet times.
    Be Safe at the Darts.

    It's about time.

    1. Yes she is mixed up, we enjoy our quiet a busy times whatever comes our way, same as the weather.

  4. A nice cool day and yes some nice home made chicken soup. Those pasties look good

    1. It was a cooler day good for chicken soup. These patsies are a wonderful treat.

  5. I didn't mind the rain today at all. It felt damp inside but nice and warm outside for most of the day. Even some sunshine peaks!
    Careful with the spelling of pasties in your last comment - too close to my name! haha even though Patsies are a wonderful treat! LOL

    1. It was a pretty nice day here mostly outside as usual and a few spots of sunshine as well.
      LOL I wanted to see if anyone caught my typo, that's how I know people actually read my blog postings.
      Ok yeah they are both a wonderful treat, lol.

  6. Yum! both the soup and dinner looks yummy! Patsy is a funny girl! haha. Sometimes a rainy day is ok, as you can get things done you feel guilty if it's beautiful outside!

    1. Thanks guys it was good productive rainy day we enjoyed getting things taken care of. Some tasty food too. Surprised Patsy caught that, lol...


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