Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Monday, June 03, 2019

Cooler today, coach service and wonderful sunshine.

Where are we today ?
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     So quiet here for sleeping on a nice cooler night. Up early 46F (7C) at 5 am warm up the coach for a bit, and enjoyed a nice sunrise here, that we usually get.
this was the best I got this morning
      Supposed to be a sunny day but cooler. No walkabout yet, but did secure our coach and headed to Pettigrew's garage for 8am to get some service done  Our go to place for work , Dale does a great job, is trustworthy, reliable and reasonable. Starting with new Platinum spark plugs it has been 10 years and 90 thousand miles, they are due now. maybe it will take care of the intermittent misfire we have been having.
        First job Dale did today was to replace the spark plugs plus the boots over the 10 coils on this V-10 ford engine. He did find one plug boot that was fouling and could be causing the problem.
here this is right under our doghouse
      Service was done, spark plugs replaced and a new negative battery terminal replaced, no more misfires and seems like more power as well. Ya hoo. looks like we good to for for a few more miles again!!
things done here at Pettigrews
was taken care of  in short order
     Back to camp awesome parked the coach while Suzie spent time with sister in law Sandy . computer stuff and girl time they enjoyed, I am sure.
      The coach all set up again then I whipped into New Hamburg for s few groceries, gas for the mower and picke up some prescription renewals  as well. Love the nice  quiet country drives in this area no city traffic!
highway to heaven?
      Back home and then installed the new seat covers we had delivered here , good deal on E bay , 35 bucks for 2 the last time I paid 45 bucks for each one 2 years ago at Canadian tire.
easy install and look wonderful
covering our worn front seats
      When I was done this SIL Sandy dropped Suzie off at home right in time for Happy Hour. Now we can enjoy on this wonderful warm sunny day again 65F in the shade, yup we can handle this.
 a very nice sunny day it was
     Soon was time for supper. Tonight grilling a couple of wonderful smoked pork chops that we love to go with our salad.
not long these are grilled to perfection, fork tender 
Yes a very tasty meal enjoyed
       That was our productive day, getting things done , our coach service and a tasty meal to  wind up the day.
After and dishes done. We are back outside enjoying the warm dry weather. Finish the posting outside because we can , and read out here for a while yet. Before heading inside.
       Hey thanks for dropping on by!

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 Where have we been this Summer ?


  1. Glad you are able to get things done the way you like.
    Be Safe and Enjoy Camp Awesome.

    It's about time.

    1. This works great here for us to get these things taken care of, And enjoy this relaxing atmosphere.

  2. It is always nice to have a mechanic you know and can trust to do a good job!! Glad you got all things taken care of!!
    I really like that "highway to heaven" road in your picture. I love walking on roads just like that!!

    1. Dale is a good mechanic and takes care of our vehicles. Have been coming here over 30 years now.
      That is like a lot of the back roads around here so beautiful

  3. A beautiful day! Nice to have the coach all set for another season of travel, maintenance isnecessarybut not always easy to schedule when on the road.

    1. This service needed done now and we are in good shape for a while again, just need the brakes serviced next time around. Better preventative maintenance and it sure pays for itself.

  4. Good to have the MH serviced and taken care of so you can enjoy many years of traveling. Nice sunrise shot.

    1. Thanks JO.
      If we take care of our coach it will take care of us.

  5. Nice to get the coach taken care of. We have to look after our homes.
    The sun was nice yesterday afternoon but cool wind up here. Soon warming up, I know it!!

    1. It is nice to get these things taken care of when convenient. The warming sunshine sure is welcome.

  6. Glad your home is running smoothly again. Nice to have mechanics you can trust! Love the new seat covers, very happy looking. Great looking dinner too!

    1. Yes it does run much better now and a good mechanic is hard to find, so will stick with them. The other seat covers kinda wore out these are nice and clean looking. Another tasty dinner we enjoyed.

  7. I missed your last couple of posts but now caught up again. Happy Birthday too! Enjoy your lovely weather there as we're approaching winter and think we'll head north to get some sunshine for a few months.

    1. Thanks Rosie we have been busy , We are starting to enjoy some summer weather here finally. Heading north for some warm weather and sunshine is a nice option you have there.


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